19 novembre 2014 | San Mateo, CA Et Ville de Québec, QC

Louis Tetu to Keynote GovInnovate Summit

Coveo CEO to present how government organizations can personalize customer engagements for the 21st century citizen

Coveo announced today that Chairman & CEO Louis Tetu will present a keynote session on Tuesday, November 25 at the 2014 GovInnovate Summit on “How Search & Relevance is Driving Real-Time Insight for Government Organizations & Citizens Alike.”

From call centers to self-service portals and Web-based interactions, citizens now expect the same seamless service experience with government organizations that they have with businesses. Tetu will discuss how government agencies must provide citizens with more seamless, personalized experiences across all channels of interaction, while empowering and “upskilling” knowledge workers with a solution that improves proficiency and productivity.

The problem stems from IT complexity. Customer data now resides across a diverse array of data sources, legacy systems and newer, cloud-based applications. This creates silos of information that contain content, structured and unstructured data that is difficult to access. Due to this complexity, organizations often adopt platform-specific search tools that are associated with physical infrastructure deployments.

Tetu will explain how government agencies must instead embrace this complexity and enable unified search platforms that index and consolidate information from across the “ecosystem of record.” Organizations that use this approach are able to present highly relevant content and experts within the context of the user, whether via self-service or employee-assisted service, for a more personalized interaction. Customer centricity is the new imperative.

“GovInnovate is one of the premier conferences of its kind,” said Tetu. “I’m looking forward to talking about how enterprise search solutions can transform government organizations with the right information presented in the right context, at the right time—to personalize engagements with the 21st century citizen and to help government employees upskill on-demand.”

In addition to Tetu’s keynote presentation, Coveo executives will participate in two roundtable sessions later that day alongside executives from Coveo’s regional partner, HyperInsight:

  • Tetu will participate in a round table discussion on Day 1 of the conference entitled “Enterprise Search: Tapping the Power of the Knowledge Network” with HyperInsight Director Ron Wheeldon.
  • Coveo’s Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Benoit Leclerc, will participate in a round table panel on Day 1, entitled “Effortless Self-Service for Today’s Connected Citizens” alongside HyperInsight Technical Manager Alex Cherney.

For additional information regarding the full conference agenda, click here.

The 2014 GovInnovate Summit, located in Canberra, brings together hundreds of senior public servants over two days from Australia and overseas, from all three tiers of government. GovInnovate is where the leading minds in government converge to map out the future of government. Coveo and HyperInsight are the two platinum sponsors of GovInnovate.

Coveo for Sitecore - Enterprise Edition

Coveo, leveraged by Fortune 500 companies globally, offers an enterprise edition for organizations looking to leverage Sitecore's Experience Database (xDB) to personalize search experiences for website visitors. Companies can purchase or upgrade to Coveo for Sitecore - Enterprise Edition, which has been available since May 2014. It provides full integration with the Sitecore xDB, enabling marketers to personalize the search-driven content each visitor is exposed to based upon their unique profile, history and site activity, and enables the secure integration of any external content source with a Sitecore site. This empowers companies to surface on their Sitecore site content residing in CRM systems, external product catalogs, legacy knowledge bases and more.

To learn more about Coveo for Sitecore, please visit www.coveo.com/sitecore or call 1.800.635.5476 in North America or 00800 2673 7642 to speak with a Coveo specialist. Sitecore Symposium 2014 attendees are encouraged to visit the Coveo team at Booth #11 on the Sitecore Symposium exhibition hall floor. Partners, developers and customers can register for their free download of Coveo for Sitecore - Free Edition.

À propos de Coveo

Coveo fournit des solutions de recherche qui consolident l’information et la rend disponible de manière personnalisée pour chaque employé, agent de service-client, et pour chaque client visiteur sur le site web. La technologie de recherche et de pertinence de Coveo propulse une nouvelle génération plus performante d’intranets, d’applications de soutien à la clientèle et de sites web d’entreprises. Coveo consolide et analyse en temps réel les divers flux de connaissances d’une organisation, et offre aux utilisateurs une recherche unifiée, des recommandations d'expertise automatisées ainsi que des connaissances prédictives basées sur le contexte unique et la tâche particulière à accomplir.

Plus de 700 clients dans le monde utilisent Coveo afin d'unifier leurs informations et le rendre les connaissances davantage exploitables. Avec des siège sociaux à Québec pour le Canada et à San Mateo, Californie, pour les États-Unis, ainsi que des bureaux dans le monde entier, Coveo et son réseau de partenaires intégrateurs de systèmes certifiés offrent des solutions de recherche aux organisations de toutes industries et toute provenance.

Coveo est un partenaire stratégique de Salesforce.com et Sitecore, et a été reconnue par des cabinets d'analystes de premier plan tels que Gartner et IDC. Pour plus d'information, veuillez visiter www.coveo.com et suivez-nous sur notre blogue, LinkedIn, Twitter et YouTube.

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