20 novembre 2014 | Ville de Québec, QC

Harris Corporation Division Generates High Return on Investment with Secure, Enterprise Search from Coveo

Harris leads its market in innovation and effectiveness with contextual knowledge access for its thousands of government systems engineers

Today, Coveo announced that Harris Government Communications Systems, a division of Harris Corporation, a leading government and commercial information technology and communications company, has embraced Coveo’s Search & Relevance Technology to increase productivity by unlocking value from collective enterprise knowledge.

With Coveo, more than 5,000 Harris employees - including 3,500 R&D engineers - are able to quickly and easily access consolidated, contextually relevant knowledge from a wide variety of disparate systems. By transforming knowledge management with Coveo, Harris enables all engineers to understand who knows what, who’s working on what projects, and how to leverage past innovation, avoiding duplicate work and increasing new innovation and productivity. The solution enables knowledge access while respecting the company’s existing and complex security architecture and active directory configuration.

With its focus on continuous improvement and dedication to innovation, Harris Government Communications Systems decided to leapfrog the competition by reengineering its approach to knowledge management. The division gave all of its employees contextual access to the collective knowledge created by --and known by-its division employees, including thousands of engineers. Rather than relying on commodity search engines, which often lack sophisticated security and also lead to less “findability” and connectivity, which then results in duplicate work and lost productivity, Harris chose to go with Coveo Search and Relevance Technology, which presents relevant, collective knowledge within the context of each and every user. Security was a prime consideration, as Harris works with government contracts and its access to privileged information must be carefully controlled.

As a result, Harris has achieved significant return through increased innovation and more collaboration among employees, all supported by significant time savings for even more nimble and customer-responsive operations. Colleen Yoh, Group Leader, Engineering Information Technology Department, Harris Corporation, said “we’ve found Coveo to be a valuable tool to harness our collective knowledge and generate a high return on our investment.”

In implementing search and relevance technology, Harris has embraced the “Long Tail” theory. Developed by Chris Anderson, this theory describes the retail strategy of making available a large number of unique items in small quantities-unconfined by the boundaries of physical systems, departments, or immediate relationships. Traditional knowledge management initiatives fail to cope effectively with the broad variety of knowledge-messaging and email, databases, social media, collaboration tools etc.-generated within the informal organization. Diane Berry, Chief Knowledge Evangelist, Coveo, said “An organization’s most important asset is its collective knowledge - especially for innovation-driven organizations such as Harris. Coveo is happy to help them harness and leverage this asset to generate even greater returns across the business.”

Coveo technology allows Harris to apply the “Long Tail” theory to knowledge, based on human interaction with information residing among systems, repositories, people and situations unknown to the user.

To learn more about why Harris Corporation selected Coveo Enterprise Search, read the case study, “Harris Corporation Increases Productivity with Coveo.”  Contact a Coveo enterprise search expert to request a demonstration and to find out how your organization can benefit from secure enterprise search technology.

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