Recently, the Coveo for Sitecore team got a chance to experience what community engagement really means and take an active role in it.

Every couple of years, Sitecore runs their Symposium Conference. The 2014 edition of it was a very successful event and while this was the off year for the symposium, something was brewing – the community wanted more. We needed to get together to share ideas, best practices, network with our peers and share knowledge with each other.

What grew from this desire was simply amazing. A group of devoted MVPs and partners rallied, and within a couple of months drafted, built, and materialized a whole new event: SUGCON (Sitecore User Group Conference). Over 350 partners and customers attended this conference and over 40 knowledge-sharing sessions were organized.

When we at Coveo realized that such a venture – initiated and driven by the community – was shaping up, we definitely wanted to be part of it. We jumped at the chance to be a proud sponsor of SUGCON, and were able to support the team. We also got a chance to stand up in front of the whole audience during Friday’s keynote session.

The future for Coveo for Sitecore shared during our SUGCON Keynote.

In the keynote presentation, Laurent Simoneau, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, unveiled Coveo for Sitecore’s roadmap to the Cloud and how it will be a game changer by leveraging machine learning to fine-tune relevancy. If you were there, you learned what an impact this could make on website search. If you were not able to attend or want to review the presentation, please make sure to join us for our SI partner webinar on November 11th where Laurent will cover his SUGCON presentation and be able to answer some questions.

In the meantime, if you have not explored Coveo for Sitecore, please make sure to download the free version here and remember to register for our upcoming webinar on November 11th for Sitecore System Integrators.


SUGCON SI Partner Webinar - Nov 11