Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL) had a knowledge management challenge in its field service operations. It was costing the worldwide leading provider of high-tech semiconductor equipment worldwide up to $80,000 a month in lost and duplicate knowledge.

Comprised of more than 500 engineers, TEL’s North American field service team services a highly diverse array of six distinct product lines. Retrieving critical engineering and service information was a daunting task, as field engineers had to manually normalize and extract information through decentralized and disparate systems, just to serve a single customer – while in the field, onsite. Lengthy data retrieval times and inefficient dissemination of important product knowledge throughout the team was rampant. The $80,000 does not even include corresponding impacts on customer and field service representative satisfaction levels.

To overcome these inefficiencies, the company implemented Coveo for Advanced Enterprise Search so that TEL’s engineers would have a single consolidated view of information from across the company’s complex product lines. Using a single search interface, the field was able to gain a 360-degree view of all relevant customer, product and service information, allowing them to reduce repair times and improve customer retention. Even better than saving up to $80,000 per month was improved time-to-repair incidents of 28 percent – leading to more satisfied customers who bought more, and happier field service agents who became more productive

Seeing the successes that a data-rich organization like TEL has had, it’s evident that many companies have yet to tap into their greatest asset – knowledge. How much knowledge is wasted at your company, through lack of awareness and access?