The beginning of the year is always a time of reflection on the past, and planning and anticipation for the future, at least for me. One of my greatest pleasures at Coveo in 2010 was working with our customers to understand and document the value they are achieving with their implementations of Enterprise Search 2.0.

In 2010 we documented, in case studies, some extraordinary operational improvements for our customers. In one case, IDC validated the numbers and published a case study on it. This was with Haley & Aldrich, an engineering consulting company, which achieved an amazing 17 percent increase in profitability — plus the equivalent of 12 new hires, in time saved alone — from implementing consolidated views of enterprise information that included a Customer Relationship Health dashboard and Expertise Finding, integrated with unified communications.

For CA Technologies, users of our Customer Information Solutions, we learned that they were able to increase customer self-service satisfaction by 10 percent, and significantly reduce case resolution time across the board. They’re handling a whopping 50,000 queries per day on their customer self-service website, and responding in less than .2 seconds, on average.

Also in the Customer Information Solutions realm, Netezza, an IBM company and a leader in data warehouse appliances, reported a 67 percent reduction in the time it takes to identify customer issues, and a 50 percent reduction in duplicate bug submissions to development. Their executives are using the Coveo Executive Analytics Dashboard to see 360-degree views of their customer and product information, and overall the company has been able to scale their customer service department by enabling agents to handle more accounts though their single-screen access to knowledge.

But these stats and thoughts are best presented by our customers themselves. This video shows a few Coveo customers talking about their Coveo implementations; I’d like to thank them for their partnership throughout 2010, congratulate them on the phenomenal results they’ve achieved to date, and say we are all looking forward to working with them in 2011 to ensure that their solution benefits continue to grow. After all, when our customers succeed, Coveo succeeds, and only then.