MYTH: Your CRM alone is enough

We would all like to believe that the latest incarnation of the CRM will handle it all: The panacea of all information in a single system of record. We’ve been through this cycle several times already. We’ve seen best-of-breed turn into larger platforms such as ERP. The promise of the all-in-one system that contains everything never happens, and won’t happen in the future. In fact, non-integrated systems and information sources have proliferated by a factor of 2.5 within the past 10 years for most companies. Systems that have been designed independently and don’t talk to each other. CRM systems, in fact, are further than ever from the 360° view of the customer promised for so long. In reality, no matter what you’ve been told or promised, CRM alone is not enough.

What do today’s 15-million worldwide CRM users need to win deals and solve customer cases—faster and more efficiently— that is not in the CRM today? Can you make every single customer-related email and communication valuable? Identify experts about or from the customer? See their social media interactions? Uncover relevant community information? Easily scour shared files? Gather complete account history across the enterprise? Can you leap organizational silos between sales, service and engineering?

Can you do all of this at a glance rather than scrolling and searching? Is the information contextually relevant for you, at this point in time? Does it appear instantly so that it can be actionable, based on what the user is doing?

Not to worry – it’s coming. Soon, you’ll be able to Coveo your CRM and discover what Coveo’s two-million users already know: that you can uncover contextually relevant information quickly and easily –and get the right insight, every time.

What CRM myths would you like to bust? What information is missing from your CRM?