It’s not every day that you give an industry influencer a sneak peek of a new product and hear, “This is a dream come true. I think this is going to be really big.” That’s exactly the response we heard with Coveo for Salesforce, launching today.

Why the fuss? Coveo for Salesforce brings contextually relevant insight from anywhere directly within the Salesforce user interface. It recommends the right insight to the end user, regardless of where the data resides—in social media, the cloud, or enterprise systems. It’s the kind of insight that helps to win deals and solve cases.

Perhaps you’ve read our CRM Myth Buster series in which we discussed some of the limitations of CRMs. We’ve written previously about the challenges customer service departments face in accessing relevant, contextual customer information and turning it into knowledge, and the same is true for sales departments. Now picture a trusted mentor looking over your shoulder, pointing you toward information about similar customers, similar cases and their resolutions, along with content such as email conversations, related community and social media discussions, and both internal and external experts who can help. That’s Coveo for Salesforce.

One of the biggest pain points that customer service and sales agents face is having to leave Salesforce to access information from multiple other systems. Pain point solved. Now end users and Salesforce administrators can get the most relevant insight from such systems as Microsoft SharePoint, Twitter, Gmail, websites, Microsoft Exchange, Lithium and more, directly within Salesforce—automatically related to what they are working on.

Coveo for Salesforce is indeed a game-changer. We’re pleased to be offering Coveo for Salesforce through a limited, advance free trial offer activated by end users, in the cloud. Read on for full details and to raise your hand to be one of the first to try it.