Access to organizational knowledge is important for any organization. In the financial services space, it’s a sound investment practice as well.

Take 3i Group, one of the world’s leading investment firms focused in private equity, infrastructure and debt management. Based in London, 3i has over $15 billion in total assets through 101 portfolio companies across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

3i’s entire business is based on making sound investments – using the information available to their employees to make better decisions, and in turn, generate greater returns. But before Coveo, 3i was dealing with fragmented information from a multitude of sources. Traders and knowledge workers individually searched Outlook, email archives, file systems and CRMs, across offices and geographies. They wasted substantial amounts of time trying to piece together disparate information, while much of their knowledge was already available from within its enterprise.

To ensure they’re providing the right level of service, commitment and know-how to customers, the company implemented our insight solutions, which take them beyond advanced enterprise search, so they can better serve their clients with even more up-to-date and relevant insights that inform their investment decisions. Information is presented across sources in a single, unified view, configured by role – so that each user views and interacts with contextually relevant, dynamically updated information.

Through the platform, employees can locate internal experts on a particular client, project or investment from within 3i, including their location. Even more, it offers them broader insight into the business, fostering a more productive work environment.

Many financial institutions are struggling to gain a foothold on the multitudes of data sources they have to compile. It’s not only an issue of customer service, but a compliance issue as well. Through our platform, 3i was able to unlock its internal expertise to make more informed business decisions. We hope it turns out to be their best investment yet.