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SVP, Market Strategy


Unless you’re leveraging the collective knowledge available to your organization, you’re likely not at the level of “social” required to be completely relevant to your customers. And irrelevancy is, well, irrelevant. Not a place to be – for you or your customers.

Knowledge is the key to not only “social” but also customer relevance.

To explore this significant change, and what you can do about it, I invited Paul Greenberg, the “father” of Social CRM, and author of CRM at the Speed of Light and of the Social CRM from Beginner to Uber eBook series that we have underwritten, to explore the processes and tools that can best position companies to be consistently relevant and responsive to customers regardless of interaction point. In effect, to help move companies from the Beginner stage of SCRM to Uber.

On Friday the 13th—that’s right, lucky 13 – join Paul and me at 1:00 pm ET/10:00 am PT for a discussion exploring the steps to empowering agents & customers with knowledge from anywhere. We’ll outline:

  • Why contextual knowledge makes social CRM relevant
  • The steps to empower agents & customers with your relevant knowledge
  • How to contextualize knowledge for front-line employees and customers.
  • Which processes and technologies can help you be more relevant to your customers.

In a light-speed world of Social CRM, it takes scalable, repeatable processes that enable contextual knowledge to fuel your Social CRM program to be always relevant and responsive to customers.

See you on Friday the 13th!  Register now at http://pages.coveo.com/Contextual_Knowledge_Social_CRM_Webinar.html

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