Having too much information can be a problem. If you have access to every single piece of music you ever wanted, how do you decide what to play next? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had something or someone to help you get to the music that really matters to you? Well, you do. Every major music streaming service from Apple to Spotify through to Tidal touts its ability to actively learn your preferences – as well as the preferences of people with a similar profile (age, education, geography etc.) – and build these into their recommendations for you. And they all use a mix of human curators and computer algorithms to serve up their suggestions.

The result of this is that you get to listen to more of the songs you like, and those hard-to-recall songs are now easily retrievable in a matter of clicks. Music streaming services also have the ability to help you uncover a hitherto unknown treasure trove of new music and new genres that suit your tastes. For instance, I like Radiohead but didn’t realize (until Spotify told me) that I would also love Miles Davis and Talking Heads. Most importantly, nothing is now irretrievable – that impossibly difficult to find, rare Beatles track is now available in a matter of seconds through your streaming service of choice. All in one place, under the same roof. It’s just so easy.

Coveo for Salesforce works a little like the streaming service that recommended the song you’ve always wanted to listen to – but couldn’t find.

It provides your customers, employees and partners with unified consumer-like search for every bit of information they need from your organization. Like the music streaming services, it provides automated content recommendations based on each user’s context and task-at-hand. It can be used on your customer support community or integrated with your Salesforce Service Cloud agent console to help customers and support agents get to the best information, every time, everywhere. The results are amazing.

We recently deployed Coveo for Salesforce at a large global technology company both in Service Cloud and on its self-service community, powered by Community Cloud. The results were really impressive: 5x improvement in self-service success, 81% of customers surveyed expressed satisfaction with the search experience, and much more. The company achieved this by using Coveo for Salesforce to connect its Salesforce community to all the relevant content sources across its organization – from multiple Salesforce orgs through to YouTube. Coveo for Salesforce also provided the company’s agents and customers – through a series of smart algorithms and connectors – the right information to help them carry out their roles successfully. So, to paraphrase the Rolling Stones – with Salesforce and Coveo, you can always get what you want…

World class organizations like Ribbon Communications (formerly Sonus Networks) and WatchGuard are using Coveo for Salesforce to transform their business and deliver exceptional results.

Why not schedule a meeting with the Coveo team at Dreamforce 2016 in San Francisco to talk about what we can do for you. See you there.