The primary currency of customer support is time. When agents, executives and customers don’t have the right information when they need it, resolution time, incidents, cost, and ultimately customer satisfaction, are all negatively impacted. And this is a common problem for many organizations – customer service agents do not have essential customer information and insight when and where they need it, which results in a negative customer experience.

On Thursday, September 22 at 12:00 pm ET, we’ll be teaming up with John Ragsdale, vice president of Technology Research at the Technology Services Industry Association, and Tina Yarovsky, vice president of Online Support Services at Trading Technologies International, Inc., for a webinar on how insight can help companies improve customer service. You can register for free here.

Consider the following:

• Studies show that agents must toggle between 5 to 20+ systems to investigate a single issue and simply cannot provide consistent service across multiple channels, or even understand prior customer interactions.

• Traditional reporting – through BI tools or excel spreadsheets – doesn’t give executives a real-time snapshot of customer trends or issues. By the time these reports are created, the information is outdated and important customer issues that could have been headed off with real time analytics, are now full blown problems.

• Customers struggle to find information across the multiple channels available to them – social networks, communities, online FAQs – only to end up calling the support center, and facing frustration should they know more than the agent.

Companies have found an approach that combines knowledge management, customer experience management, and search, to provide real-time insight from all customer channels and IT systems. Armed with this powerful insight, these companies have achieved significant results:

• Cut case resolution time by 50%

• Increased customer self-service satisfaction by 10%

• Increased contact center capacity without adding headcount

• Reduced agent training time and increased agent retention

We hope you can join us. You’ll learn how to mine corporate content and capture customer conversations to glean new insight, and how to put this actionable insight in the hands of your agents, customers, and executives.

Registrants will receive a copy of the recent research-based joint white paper “Transforming Data into Actionable Knowledge: Exploiting the Data Avalanche to Drive Support Performance” by customer service thought leader and analyst John Ragsdale and Coveo.