When you’re a fast-growing search & relevance provider, your business has to be fueled by a passion and energy that exudes from the entire company. Translated to the development team, that passion can manifest itself into industry-changing innovation and technology.

One of the most exciting ways to attract energy and interest is to reach out to the local community through a developer competition. Ours is called Coveo Blitz. Now in its fourth year, the competition gets bigger and bigger, as 64 young developers traveled to our offices to compete in a channel of skill, speed and creativity. After this year’s competition, I am very excited about our future developers!

Sixteen teams – from universities across Quebec – spent an entire day at our offices, working collaboratively to develop a fast, accurate and intuitive search engine that indexed a music database. Queries were designed to find songs, artists, genres and albums, all with a user interface that was aesthetically pleasing and intuitive to use. The competition was broken out into four checkpoints, where teams had their engine evaluated by an automated corrector created by Coveo’s experienced developers. We had three big-screen monitors on display, tracking each team’s progress, achievements and showing the leaders in real time. It made for a highly competitive and exciting day of development!


This year, the winners of Blitz were students from Laval University, Alma College and Université du Québec à Chicoutimi. They each brought home a brand new iPad for their accomplishment, but the real winners were us – we got a first-hand look at what the future developers of search & relevance technology can be. And if you’re a skilled young developer, we would love to see you compete at Blitz next year.