Diane Berry
SVP, Market Strategy


On our quest to empower employees to find the right insight every time, we often find that knowledge can come from anywhere. Moreover, with the consumerization of IT, employees are using many different systems which they can easily activate themselves, and start sharing with other employees.

One of those is Dropbox, a fast-growing online document repository that boasts 50 million users – double what it had last year. Dropbox has both end user and enterprise clients. When you can combine insights from Dropbox with emails, Twitter, Exchange, file systems consolidated into Coveo for Salesforce, which can also be activated by end users, then the possibilities for locating the right insight to win deals and serve customers get even better.

To quote Kaihan Krippendorff of Fast Company last week, “great innovations often depend on connecting the right people.” We connect employees with people they might not know, but who know a lot about what they care about, based on their content contributions and communications. With Dropbox added to the list, we’ll be connecting even more.

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Diane Berry is Senior Vice President of Market Strategy at Coveo. Diane seeks out and analyzes market, industry and economic opportunities for growth; works with the analyst community as well as media; and acts as a spokesperson and industry voice to help organizations understand how to leverage advanced search-based apps to transform the nature of work.

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