If you ask any executive within an engineering and development organization what their biggest asset is, you’d most likely get the same answer – knowledge.

Knowledge contained within systems and within people is what keeps them competitive, innovative and unique. When accessed and shared across teams, geographies, departmental silos, and even after someone has left the organization, its influence may be even farther reaching. While most organizations continue to struggle to transform disparate knowledge into a deeper level of insight, one Coveo customer is doing just that – and it’s helping them to innovate more quickly, bring new products and services to market faster, and ultimately better serve their customers.

Institut National D’Optique (INO) is a technological design and development firm specializing in optics and photonic solutions. INO is home to the largest concentration of skills in its field and serves a global client base. The company’s solutions are used in a wide range of applications, from process control to inspection, medical screening, remote sensing, quality control, and much more.

Eighty percent of INO’s workforce is highly educated and highly skilled scientists, technicians and engineers, making knowledge the main currency. From 2010–2011, INO was awarded 12 new patents, for a total of 134 patents held on a variety of technological innovations.

With more than 25 years of research and information contained within systems and people, INO approached Coveo to help them transform all of this information into actionable knowledge and insight. The company was also looking to improve the efficiency of its scientists and researchers so that more time could be spent developing innovative solutions to meet customer and marketplace needs and requirements.

INO Process and Compliance Manager Pierre Bergeron championed the company’s implementation of Coveo’s Insight Solutions for R&D and engineering. As Pierre told us, “In order to accelerate our ability to innovate, we needed to provide a better way to access and share our extensive scientific and technical knowledge across the business, so that we can increase the productivity of our researchers and speed innovation, which in turn would ultimately help serve our customers better.” Prior to Coveo, INO employees were only getting a fraction of the view of knowledge that was available to them across people and systems.

The INO and Coveo team win the 2011 OCTAS award for Best Business Solution. Pictured from left to right: Laurent Simoneau, Christophe Deutsch, Frédéric Paré, Pierre Bergeron.

Today, by indexing nearly all corporate knowledge, INO employees now have consolidated views of contextually relevant knowledge across departments and people – in near real time. The company also reports a 99% adoption rate and an overall 5% increase in productivity across all employees. Given the highly skilled senior workforce that INO employs, the company’s CFO reports that this increase in productivity has resulted in pretty impressive cost savings as well. Coveo has become very pervasive across INO – employees ask each other if they’ve “Coveo’d it” when looking for knowledge.

INO has also integrated Coveo into the company’s new hire training process. New hires are immediately trained for 30 minutes on Coveo to help them get up to speed faster, understand subject matter experts and who knows what within the organization, and quickly ramp up on customer projects and requirements. With Coveo, new hires come up to speed more quickly and are able to start contributing to the success of client projects right away. This has helped improve customer service, innovation levels, and more.

INO’s work with Coveo and the results they’ve achieved have won them recognition – both internally and externally. Pierre’s team was awarded INO’s INOvation Award – given to internal teams who display innovative uses of technology to drive the business forward. INO and Coveo were also recipients of the 2011 OCTAS Award for Best Business Solution. More details about INO’s success with Insight Solutions can be found here.

We love to hear how our customers are generating value with Coveo – and how the industry overall is benefitting from Insight Solutions – to give them a better handle on the ever growing amounts of knowledge and information across channels and systems. How have you unlocked knowledge across your R&D or engineering teams? How would this help drive your business?