Superion LLC (formerly SunGard), with annual revenues of about $4.5 billion, is the largest privately held software and services company; it serves approximately 25,000 customers in more than 70 countries, Superion LLC’s K-12 Education segment is a category- leader and serves more than 8 million students. I recently met with our customer Keith Gingrich, who leads customer support operations as vice president.

I was struck by the commitment Keith shows to helping his customers – which are, in the end, our leaders of tomorrow: the students of today. While SunGard’s technology solutions help enable school districts to do more with less – and help families to participate in their children’s education – the beneficiary of this technology is ultimately the students themselves. When the school district operates more efficiently, students benefit from additional resources dedicated to them and their education. Ultimately we all benefit. What a great story – what a great calling.

Keith’s team recently implemented Coveo enterprise search technology to support customer service operations—helping to ensure that the K- 12 school districts SunGard serves get the guidance they need, when they need it, and to continue to use SunGard technology to help them operate effectively and efficiently.

During our meeting we chatted about the reasons behind SunGard’s Coveo implementation. I was impressed and I think you will be, too. I asked Keith about the business drivers behind his decision to implement Coveo enterprise search technology. Here is a synopsis of his answer:

“You can imagine the challenges our school districts are facing in light of the economy and the federal-state funding cut-backs. We at SunGard want to help our customers achieve more with less—so they can focus their resources on the students. We will be launching new products intended to help them do that and more. We want to be as efficient as possible to keep our costs down for our customers—and we knew there was technology available that could help us improve our support capability without adding the expense of additional resources.

“We evaluated the insight software category and found that Coveo was the most flexible, cost effective and sophisticated solution to help us achieve our goals. Like most support operations, we have potential support resolution information spread out in many different places – our agents were switching context and having to go to several different systems, customer forums, and more, to solve customer issues, taking longer than necessary to resolve many customer support cases.

“We found that Coveo would help streamline our customer service operations and provide our agents with a consolidated view of all structured and unstructured customer information—organized around whatever entity we chose—whether that was a customer, or a case, or even a product. Coveo was the most flexible, adaptable solution we saw. Even as our business continues to grow and evolve, Coveo will easily adapt. The technology helps us gain even more value from the tools we already have in place, from our CRM to our case tracking system, file shares and online customer communities.”

SunGard’s customer-centric operations allow the company to be more effective in serving its customers—who are, ultimately, our children. Again– is there a better calling?

How do you help your customers operate more effectively and efficiently, and how does that help the ultimate end user?

If you’re interested on more information on Coveo’s work with SunGard K-12 Education, click here.