Improving customer service and experience has been a key driver for Coveo customers as they look to provide better self-service to reduce call volumes. But in today’s tight labor markets, with call center agent burnout and churn at alarming rates, many customer service managers are turning to Coveo to enhance the employee experience and improve overall productivity.

Even medical professionals, who are employing “virtual healthcare on-demand” models, are demanding AI-driven relevance platforms to speed up diagnoses while providing the personalized care patients require.

In a recent Coveo Relevance 360 event, Coveo Founder, President, and CTO Laurent Simoneau, shared an insider’s look into the latest innovations for the AI-powered Coveo Platform™ for commerce and service.   

Contrary to traditional search engines, Coveo platform adds layers of sophisticated indexing, called vectors, to match user behavioral data, user profiles, and all related product information, documents, knowledge bases, etc. together to deliver highly relevant customer and user experiences that go beyond “simple” query results—and generate true business outcomes.

Let’s look at the advantages of using the platform’s newest features in more detail.

AI-Powered Personalization to Increase Conversions 

Several new enhancements to the platform for both B2C and B2B companies. On the B2C side, Coveo’s relevance platform has elevated the game in terms of merchandising.

In late 2021 Coveo acquired Qubit, a UK-based leader in AI-powered personalization technology for merchandising teams. The combined technologies provide robust and innovative solutions for retailers to accelerate—at scale—their digital transformations and address new customer expectations around relevance and personalization made possible through AI.

During a quick demo, Laurent explained how Bass Pro Shops, one of North America’s premier outdoor and conservation companies founded in 1972, leverages Coveo’s integration with Qubit to boost conversions and revenues per visit. 

A video shows how Coveo streamlines search and content discovery on Bass Pro Shops' ecommerce site.
Bass Pro Shops’ ecommerce search is intuitive and intelligent, serving up results relevant to the user profile created during a session.

With 177 brick-and-mortar stores across the US alone, Bass Pro Shops has a solid online following with digital-first natives. The company configures its Coveo relevance platform to customize what information is presented based on user behavior and search journeys. For example, potential customers interested in fishing will not be served up the same experiences as hunters. Everything displayed during a visit is tailored toward user intent and interests.

In addition, Coveo’s relevance platform is connected to Bass Pro Shops’ ERP, which enables customers to get real-time visibility into store availability, product variants (colors, styles, sizes, etc.), and more. This personalization at scale, even with anonymous sessions, has directly impacted conversion rates, average order sizes, revenues per visit, and total revenues.

In the backend, Coveo’s Product Insights guides merchandisers as to the performance levels of product placements and campaigns, highlighting what products and promotions are resonating with customers. Merchandisers can also carry out A/B testing to identify which storefront initiatives — such as calls to action, product recommendations, and upselling tactics — drive results.

An image shows the Coveo Merchandising Dashboard login interface.
Coveo’s Merchandising Dashboard puts creativity back into the hands of online merchandisers.

Coveo also integrates with SAP’s Spartacus, an angular JavaScript-based storefront designed for SAP Commerce Cloud. Major SAP customers will soon be able to benefit from the SAP commerce catalog and entire commerce ecosystem and Coveo’s robust AI-enabled relevance platform.

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Integrated Search for Salesforce and Slack

Based on discussions and projects with call centers and healthcare organizations, Coveo developed a seamless integration with Slack and its sister Salesforce products. Whether with private or group channels, Coveo can tap into Slack messages and conversations to glean important information based on various applications. 

Three outstanding applications that should help ease employee pain include Intelligent Swarming, using Slack as an intranet, and creating insight panels for service agents.  

The Intelligent Swarming℠ methodology* has been a hot topic in the industry. And now, Coveo has made it simple. A customer service agent struggling with a problem can now launch an internal “query” to incite other agents to “swarm” a case.

A Slack channel is instantly created so that, as a team, they can collectively resolve the issue before it becomes a bona fide case.

A video shows the Intelligent Swarming process enabled in Salesforce and Slack.
Directly from their flow of work in Salesforce, agents can tap expertise in their company to solve issues quickly.

For Slack as an intranet, it’s just what it sounds. Since all of us spend our days tethered to Slack and conditioned to its Pavlovian chime, it makes sense to just turn Slack into an intranet. With a single click or slash command, you can have it bring up any and all applicable assets from your Google Drive, Salesforce Community, internal knowledge base — wherever. 

Coveo has also released a new version of its Insight Panel Lightning Component, a search interface included in the sidebar of the Salesforce Lightning console. When a customer logs a case, agents can access extensive behavior data, including user activity timelines, recent queries, etc. Thanks to a simplified user interface, agents can easily view the customer’s path to resolution and provide the right information to avoid an escalated case. 

A graphic illustrates an agent dashboard with an insight panel to the right, showcasing the user actions component.
Embedded on the right side of a CRM, an insight panel can show insights from the user journey relevant to the case being investigated.

In a similar capacity, medical patients can be prompted to search for or describe specific symptoms of what ails them. Healthcare professionals can quickly access vetted content-based, again, on the patients’ journey throughout the facility’s website, FAQ section, and more.

Integrated Search for Adobe Experience Manager

Coveo’s relevance platform also connects to Adobe Experience Manager, a comprehensive content management solution for websites and mobile forms. In just a few clicks, developers and even other less code-inclined users can configure Adobe Experience Manager. 

A graphic shows content source configuration in the Coveo Administrator Panel, with Adobe Experience Manager prominently displayed.

Coveo enables Adobe websites to feature the high-performance AI-driven search and relevance capabilities formerly accessible only to ecommerce juggernauts.

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* Intelligent Swarming℠ is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™.