It’s time to go full throttle with your Salesforce Community.

So, you want to improve self-service and Community engagement? I’ll let you in on a secret that is revolutionizing the communities of some of today’s most innovative companies: the ‘je ne sais quoi’ of all great communities is an intelligent search experience. Powered with AI capabilities, your Salesforce Community becomes the engine under the hood of your self-service strategy – and it’s likely more powerful than you know.

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Start Your Engines

Like a well-oiled motor, when your Community is optimized for self-service success, it drives significant business results. The reality is, most of your customers’ interactions with your Community are channeled through the search experience. Intelligent search helps to identify and address knowledge gaps and trends, as well as improve content access and findability on your site. This ensures cost savings for your organization and the ability to grow your Community at scale. Implementing an intelligent search solution within your Community is the key to winning the race. Here are 5 ways improving your organization’s customer self-service strategy will get you laps ahead of your competition:

  1. Go full speed on self-service success. Don’t make your customers go to multiple sites to find what they need. Intelligent search indexes all of your organization’s collective knowledge, above and beyond the content residing in your Salesforce Community, and makes it accessible to your customers, enabling them to successfully self-serve. Making all that relevant information available at your customers’ fingertips in one unified search experience is key to driving an easy and successful experience.
  2. Turbo-charge case deflection. When your customers can find what they’re looking for, they don’t need to contact support or to create a case. This means that your Community automatically handles the repetitive issues your customers may be experiencing, while your support agents can work on more complex tasks. Based on Coveo customers’ experience, you can see up to 20% improvement in case deflection, when doing web self-service right.
  3. Fuel customer engagement. Making your content findable by using filters and facets are great to put your customers in the driver’s seat of the search experience and makes it even more contextual. Intelligent search kicks it up a notch further by proactively suggesting and recommending additional content they might enjoy or find helpful. This encourages them to continue engaging with your Community. More engagement means more content consumption, more proficient customers, more repeat visitors, stronger brand loyalty, better conversions and the ability to seamlessly upsell.
  4. Put “no-results” queries in your rearview mirror. Because intelligent search allows your organization to learn from the search trends of your customers, you can see what content you have that should be made available to help them self-service, or what content they’re searching for that doesn’t yet exist that you can create to help them. An intelligent Community will learn what content is most likely to help a customer self-serve, based on the successful behavior of other customers, and serve those answers to the top, ensuring that “no results” is a non-issue.
  5. Get on the customer satisfaction podium. As you can imagine, when your customers have access to the information they’re looking for, are able to find it with ease, and find other useful content that they didn’t even know they would need, they are going to be satisfied. And when they’re satisfied, so are your bosses.

Put the Pedal to the Metal.

When infused with intelligent search, your Salesforce Community adds tremendous business value. If you want to know how to take this information and put it into action, get our eBook, Revving Your Salesforce Community Engine. See how 5 innovative brands are using intelligent search and what you can do to move the needle in your organization to get the most from your Salesforce Community.

The Coveo for Salesforce Family of Products gives you the ability to turbocharge your search experience, on top of all of your Salesforce content by providing you with:

  • A rich search UI, including facets and customizable result thumbnails
  • Machine learning to deliver the best, most relevant answers
  • Powerful search usage analytics

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