Intelligent self service is critically important in the telecommunications industry right now. Coveo can help.

The nature of work has undergone a digital transformation. Millions of residents have been advised to stay home. For many (fortunate) employees, they’re able to work, for the first time ever, from a home office. And their children are also home, using internet to live-stream playdates and school lessons. 

What do workers and children now have in common with a new remote work reality? The need for Internet and information technology. With many people around the world now working from home, internet speeds and bandwidth quality are in high demand. And to increase their wifi speeds and upgrade their existing network services, many customers’ first action is to call their Internet Service Provider. At the opposite end of the spectrum are customer service and support leaders in the telecommunications industry struggling to keep up with the increasing demand their customer care contact centers face. Plus, with contact center agents no longer able to work from an office, providing an exceptional telecom customer experience remotely can feel challenging.

However, every challenge is an opportunity to do things differently. It starts with investing in intelligent, digital self service that ensures customer satisfaction by finding the trusted answers they need online – without having to call a contact center and talk to a telecom operator.

Scaling Customer Support with Self-Service

While many organizations have several digital channels for self service, research from Gartner shows that some of these investments are missing the mark. One study of 8,000 customer journeys found that more than 70% of customers are using self service channels. Unfortunately, only 9 percent could fully resolve their issue via online self service. Limited customer interaction not only frustrates customers, but also leads to missed bottom-line savings. They’re forced to call the customer service contact center to get help on a routine question that could be easily answered online. This is a growing communication and operational efficiency issue.

Given the change in the nature of work and customer expectations, it’s critical that Support Leaders in the Telecommunications industry think differently about how they can meet increasing demand from customers. They also must build a scalable support organization to support the new remote work reality. Key questions leaders should ask to evaluate their customer self service effectiveness include:

  • Is my self service kiosk effectively nurturing and encouraging customer engagement?
  • How relevant are the content recommendations made to my customers as they search for information?
  • Am I intelligently aggregating all self service content, regardless of the channel (Knowledge Article, Community Discussion, YouTube video, AI chatbot, Social Media, Mobile App, etc.)? 

Am I using advanced technologies such as machine learning artificial intelligence to ensure I can scale the content and self service customer experience as my user base grows?

Resources for Telecommunications Leaders

Not sure how to start offering great customer experience? Coveo can help. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions on Twitter or LinkedIn and our Contact Us page.

In addition, take a look at our helpful guides to upgrading your telecom self service user experience: