When Gartner released its 2014 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Search report last week, it was a tremendous moment for us here at Coveo. Take a look below. We are recognized as the most visionary leader in the enterprise search market today.

Gartner Magic Quadrant

This is incredible recognition for us, as it’s a commendation of the passionate innovation and high-value work of our 200 colleagues, as well as the great relationship we enjoy with our customers to whom we owe so much. Our position is indicative of both the growth and success we’ve experienced in the past year and over our nearly 10-year history.

In the report, Gartner considered factors such as a provider’s product strategy, cloud and mobile innovations, and customer experience to determine this year’s quadrant. For Coveo specifically, we’ve been recognized for our ability to deliver more relevant results through strong design flexibility; outstanding user experience features particularly in the mobile environment; and strong delivery options, including a hybrid cloud and on-premise model — a feature that sets us apart in this market.

The report also singles out the importance of contextualization, noting that organizations are no longer satisfied with a list of search results. Instead, they want the single best result set, often even before a single query is made and based on the context. It’s a sentiment that has been perpetuated by advances in personal assistant experiences such as Google Now and Apple’s Siri.

Context is such an integral component in all of our lines of business, and our unified search is what helps improve these experiences for our customers. For the busy knowledge worker, this means he doesn’t have to spend hours of his workweek looking for information on a static intranet. In a single search he can access disparate enterprise systems and find up-to-date and comprehensive views and mashups of relevant information to complete his tasks. For the overburdened L1 customer service agent, she can now access experts and information related to the customer issue at hand—and start solving cases as proficiently as an L2 agent. For the website visitor, personalized and relevant content is delivered directly to the page she navigates to—without having to perform a single search.

I encourage you to download Gartner’s report, as it provides a comprehensive analysis of the market today, the most important factors organizations are looking for in an enterprise search solution, and who’s leading the charge in these initiatives. For us, this type of recognition from Gartner confirms that our focus on helping employees become more proficient and productive, customers more engaged, and support agents more proficient is right on target with what the industry is doing now, and well-aligned with where it is headed.