Your choice of content management system (CMS) has a direct impact on your company’s ability to deliver a seamless customer experience. Over the years, leaders like Adobe, Sitecore, Optimizely, and Acquia have dominated the market, rightfully earning their places in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs). 

These platforms offer a wide range of features and capabilities — but the downside is that they often tie your experience to a specific ecosystem. Will what you’ve chosen today work tomorrow? Five years from now? Or, what if there’s another (inevitable) technology breakthrough like generative answering? 

It’s no walk in the park to transition to a different CMS, let alone create a coherent experience out of multiple platforms. After all, data is so often scattered across various systems throughout your enterprise — data that can answer customer and employee questions. 

What if you want the freedom of not being confined to a single CMS? Or if you want to deliver a total experience strategy that satisfies both customers and employees? 

Then it’s time to consider agnostic AI search.

Agnostic AI Search: Content Discovery That Scales With You

To unlock and get the most out of your institutional knowledge, consider adopting an agnostic AI search platform. 

An agnostic AI search platform can offer a strategic advantage for enterprises of all types. Its adaptability allows businesses to pivot and embrace new technologies swiftly, fulfilling an agile, future-ready digital strategy. This approach is essential for maintaining a competitive edge in an ever-evolving market.

Here’s why future-proofing your DXP with an agnostic platform for AI search and generative experience matters:

Flexibility for Changing Needs

New CMS platforms emerge, and having the ability to seamlessly switch or integrate with them is critical to the long-term success of any forward-thinking company. An agnostic AI search platform is quick to deploy and easy to use, ensuring that your digital strategy remains adaptable to any CMS you choose.

Findability & Discoverability

An agnostic AI search platform enhances content findability and discoverability across multiple CMS systems, reducing the need for manual curation. An AI-guided approach to visitors leads to cost savings and improved operational efficiency, on top of boosting customer satisfaction.

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As your business grows, so does your content — and the places it lives in. Choosing an AI search platform that offers a unified index and out-of-the-box machine learning models ensures that your search capabilities can keep up with the increasing volume of digital assets, so you don’t have to curate thousands of pages or re-home content to centralize it. You can scale your DXP without being limited by the constraints of your CMS and other content sources.

The move towards headless and decentralized repositories is a prominent trend in the digital landscape. An agnostic AI platform supports emerging technologies with Headless/Composable bundles, GraphQL Source, revamped Web Source, Sitemap Source, Atomic and Headless Libraries as well as Atomic Hosted and NextGen Search Page — all of which allow you to customize pages with low- and pro-code options for beginners and developers.

An AI search platform like Coveo stands out by offering the flexibility to integrate seamlessly with over 100 different systems, freeing your business from the constraints of a single tech ecosystem. This capability is vital in today’s fragmented digital landscape, where managing content across multiple systems can be daunting. 

With Coveo, you can effortlessly index content from diverse sources, even outside of your main CMS, allowing for a more integrated and cohesive digital presence. This approach ensures that your enterprise remains agile and responsive to the rapidly changing digital ecosystem.

What Sets Coveo Apart

Coveo stands out from other AI search providers with a unique blend of cutting-edge technologies and an unwavering commitment to customer success. 

Here’s how Coveo distinguishes itself:

Unified Content Indexing

One of Coveo’s biggest strengths is surfacing indexed data from multiple sources through a single search box. Whether your content is scattered across different systems or applications, managed by different teams, or follows a centralized or decentralized architecture, Coveo can bring it all together into one search page. This unified access to content, information, and products ensures that your users can find what they need without hassle.

Coveo employs a hybrid index, integrating traditional keyword search with semantic search technology, to understand query context and meanings. This approach combines the ease of keyword searches with the depth of AI-driven contextual understanding, enhancing result accuracy and relevance.

Secure Connectors

With 45+ connectors that can connect to 100+ different systems, Coveo can surface knowledge from virtually any type of content source. Whether it’s your product catalog, a media hub, or any other data repository, Coveo helps your visitors find and discover content, no matter where it resides.

Countless Integrations

Coveo extends beyond content management, integrating with tools like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Salesforce, and ServiceNow. This enhances intelligence and functionality within CRM and service management systems — providing you with valuable insights to refine your digital strategy.

Know what works and why it converts with Coveo Search Analytics.

Enhanced UX and Inbound Marketing Across Platforms

Your website is often the first touchpoint for your customers. Coveo’s ability to provide a unified, intuitive and consistent user experience across different digital channels ensures that your users receive the same level of service, no matter where they interact with your brand. Additionally, Coveo captures the high intent of inbound leads through the search box — allowing you to support the full end-to-end user journey. 

UI Flexibility

Coveo’s versatility extends to its user interface and user experience. It can seamlessly integrate with virtually any system or UI and enhance it with 11 AI models (including generative answering). Whether you specialize in IT or martech, Coveo provides user-friendly configuration paths to deliver unified and consistent digital experiences across your different sites.

Multiple Techniques for Understanding Visitor Needs

Coveo employs multiple techniques to understand user intent, including keyword search, semantic search, recommendations so people don’t have to search, and generative answering. This comprehensive approach ensures that your users’ search queries are met with highly relevant results, improving their overall search experience.

End-to-End Journey Tracking

Coveo takes an end-to-end approach to tracking the customer journey. Whether your users are unknown, known, or authenticated, Coveo personalizes content to meet their needs, delivering relevant content and enhancing their digital experience.

For Fasken, a law firm with a vast repository of content, agnostic search marked a significant shift on their journey to achieving digital transformation. The firm’s previous platform struggled with a rigid site search and unwieldy navigation, making it challenging for over 700 lawyers to locate and share the 40,000 documents on their site. By integrating agnostic AI search within Sitecore, Fasken transformed their experience.

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Similarly, Acuity Brands, which faced the challenge of managing multiple content systems, found a solution in agnostic search. “With one search index and single source of truth, as well as one codebase across all different sites, Acuity Brands was able to leverage Coveo and Sitecore to tailor content and experience for each use without compromising consistency.” This unified approach enabled them to streamline their digital experience management, showcasing Coveo’s effectiveness in simplifying complex content landscapes.

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In addition to enhancing user experience and brand strength, Coveo offers significant cost savings by streamlining the management of multiple CMS and DXP platforms. These efficiencies allow for resource reallocation to strategic initiatives, propelling your business forward. As your business grows, Coveo scales seamlessly, ensuring that your search capabilities can handle increasing content volumes, setting the stage for sustainable success. 

The experiences of Fasken and Acuity Brands underscore the pivotal role of Coveo in enabling businesses to deliver personalized customer experiences at scale, increasing web conversions, and simplifying content management in a competitive digital landscape. Businesses need to consider future-proofing their digital strategies and adopt new, innovative technologies, all while maintaining connectivity between channels. Many already struggle to provide a unified digital experience due to the complexity of managing numerous systems — and this is even before we get to new tech trends like generative answering. 


By embracing Coveo’s AI platform, businesses can future-proof their DXPs to ensure that they remain agile and adaptable for years to come. By enhancing your CMS investments with advanced AI capabilities, you ensure your digital strategy remains robust, holistic (outbound and inbound), and responsive to evolving market trends. 

While other search providers may focus solely on site search, Coveo’s agnostic approach, 11 AI models and ability to index information from countless sources allow it to deliver world-class experiences to millions of users across billions of interactions.

By choosing Coveo, you’re not just adopting a platform for AI search and digital experiences: you’re embracing a future where your digital experiences are seamless, intuitive, and constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing customer demands. Your visitors will thank you for it!

Not convinced? Watch this on-demand webinar for five ways that Coveo AI can help transform your website into a growth engine.

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