Upgrade Search for Sitecore 8When I go to the hardware store, I don’t spend a lot of time looking row to row for what I want. Instead I look for a knowledgeable employee and ask him where to find it. Now, guess what I do first when I visit a website to look for information? I ask the most knowledgeable component on the page, the search box. According to the e-tailing group’s study, 74% of online shoppers are doing just the same.

Relevant, intuitive, powerful search on any website is no longer a nice to have, it’s a fundamental requirement of any digital strategy. When moving to Sitecore 8, you have to seriously consider search. If you don’t, your visitors will simply go back to Google to find what they want. Or worse, to your competitor’s website where search is better.

Here are a few reasons you should consider deploying Coveo when implementing Sitecore 8:

1. Website redesign = Search redesign
If you’re to change the whole look and feel of your website, chances are you’ll have to change your search as well. Coveo offers a framework to help you build search pages way faster; you only need to assemble and configure the building blocks from the Experience Editor instead of reinventing the wheel every time.

2. Web is now mobile
According to a Think with Google study, 77% of mobile searches are performed at home or in the office, even when users have access to a desktop. This means that if you are planning a mobile version for your web site, and you should, search should be at the top of the list of requirements. Coveo UI Framework is responsive and it even offers dedicated renderings for mobile devices, adapting the UI for smaller screens and fat fingers.

3. Take control of your search
Sitecore offers a lot of advanced possibilities to content authors. It’s probably why you’ve purchased Sitecore in the first place. Now that you know the importance of search, you probably want to have the same kind of control over the search engine. Coveo is easily customizable by the content author through the Page Editor, and offers advanced usage analytics so you understand what visitors are searching for on your website.

4. Leverage the Search Provider
If you are moving from Sitecore 6 or even if you’re on Sitecore 7 but not yet leveraging the Search Provider, doing it when moving to Sitecore 8 would be a good idea. This technology makes it way easier for a Sitecore developer to interact with a search engine. Everything is standardized, from configuring to querying the indexes for search results. You should really use it.

The easiest way to validate that is important to upgrade search is to try it for yourself. By the way, there is even a free edition for you to start with.

Coveo for Sitecore