Customer ServiceCustomers have so many choices today. It’s our jobs to make their experiences as easy, relevant and engaging as possible. By delivering exceptional customer experiences, companies can acquire new customers through referrals from highly satisfied customers, retain existing customers and improve their overall efficiency.

Unfortunately, too many customer service agents, field agents and even sales and marketing team members, do not have the essential customer information and insight they need, when they need it, resulting in negative customer experiences.

Imagine this scenario instead, if your organization uses a CRM such as Salesforce: A CSR views a case, and in addition to the details of the issue, he or she is automatically shown the best and most relevant knowledge—from anywhere—to solve the case in the fastest and most accurate way possible – right into the Salesforce Case Console, into the context of the agent. Without conducting a single search query, and regardless of where the information resides. The information is pushed to the agent.

Sound like a future state? The future is now.

Advanced indexing technology is turning conventional knowledge management and enterprise search upside down, allowing companies that depend on knowledge to:

  • Present support agents with relevant solutionsand suggested content, within the context of each case they work. Agents can focus on serving customers, confident they have the information they need.
  • Use the collective knowledge—from within and external to the company—to the fullest, in real time, every day. For example, the moment a comment is added to a case, that content is available for others to use.
  • Improve their collective content quality. Content vetting and curation are done in real time – with the most and least relevant content promoted or demoted based on interactions with the data.
  • Solve cases faster and more effectively. Slashing case resolution time and driving dramatically higher levels of customer support performance.

On Thursday, March 7 at 2:00 pm ET, our SVP Products Ed Shepherdson will team up with John Ragsdale, vice president of Technology Research at the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), for an interactive discussion and demo that will explain how advanced indexing technology can give service and support organizations an incredible edge and customer experience a boost. If knowledge is critical to your support operations or if you use Salesforce, we hope you can join us. You can register for free here.