Sitecore website personalizationFor many organizations, the website is one of the most important channels to reach and captivate customers throughout their buying journey. And because today’s web visitors are increasingly savvy, empowered, and mobile, in order to succeed companies must ensure that each site visitor has a website experience that is not only engaging, but is also conversational and personal.

And nowhere is this more the case than in how visitors search for—and discover—the content and products a site has to offer. Indeed, intuitive and efficient search capabilities directly impact key website performance metrics, including repeat visitors, page views per visitor, conversion rate, cart size, and CSAT.

Empowering Marketers to Own Site Search

Coveo recently released several updates to our Coveo for Sitecore solution that not only empower marketers to build, tune, and manage the search experience on their Sitecore websites, but also to personalize those experiences based upon each visitor’s unique profile, demographic information, and prior site activity. Using the same intuitive Sitecore tools utilized to manage the rest of the site, marketers can now easily create highly personalized search and exploration experiences for each unique visitor—all without relying on help from developers or IT staff. With Coveo for Sitecore, a marketing team for a travel website, for example, can easily configure their site to display to U.S.-based visitors “special offers” for flights to the Caribbean, while providing visitors from Canada special offers for flights to Cuba. Or perhaps they’d like to offer visitors that match a “business traveler” profile with flight offers to major urban centers, while offering those that match a “family traveler” profile offers to sunny beach destinations. The options are limitless, and with Coveo marketers can easily create such contextual, user-centric experiences.

Own Your Site Experience

And because Coveo for Sitecore fully supports responsive design (and ships with ready-to-deploy mobile templates for iOS and Android), these powerful search and discovery experiences are seamless regardless of the device visitors are using.

Coveo for Sitecore makes this all possible through its deep integration with the Sitecore Experience Platform and the Sitecore DMS/Experience Database. To learn more about how Coveo for Sitecore makes high-impact, personalized search easy for marketers to build and manage, read the press release and check out our website.