At the most basic level, people search for things to find results. But results without relevance are meaningless. In this day and age, your customers, whether you’re in B2B or B2C, expect contextually relevant results the moment they spot your search bar. If your organization isn’t equipped to deliver personalized digital experiences, your customer satisfaction is suffering, your employees don’t have what they need to properly and efficiently help them. You’re leaving revenue on the table.  

Just the other night I was trying to understand why my electric car wasn’t charging after getting a notification from their application. Naturally I turned to the manufacturer’s support site for answers. Several queries in the FAQ section and online user manuals later (frustration increasing with each one) I still couldn’t find an explanation. Instead, all I got were irrelevant results.  

When engaging with brands I support, and turning to their website for help, I’m used to my previous actions being taken into account. I’m used to filters and facets to help me narrow my search, getting me to the best answer possible in the least amount of time. These were my expectations when I visited the manufacturer’s website. While I still love the vehicle, the online experience left a lot to be desired. It was a waste of time, irrelevant to my needs and left me no choice but to leave their site and head to Google to seek out third-party answers.

If this sounds like your customer experience, it’s time for an upgrade. Don’t lose your customers to poor digital experiences. Embrace relevance, it truly is the currency of the modern age. We’ve taken time to demystify Coveo’s unique relevance equation. Here’s how:

Relevance is achieved by combining content, context, and intent through machine learning, a unified index, as well as powerful usage analytics.


The best way to leverage all the content living within disparate silots is to unify it into a singular index. This should include information from such on-premises and cloud based sources as: Amazon S3, Confluence, Jive Cloud, Zendesk, emails, FAQs, PDFs, support tickets, videos, sitemaps, web content and more!



Like Hansel leaving breadcrumbs in the forest, customer context is made up of the clues your customers leave you, every time they engage with your site. Tracking their previous searches, location, interaction history and service preferences will help to shape the context of their query.



This is the core purpose of your users’ query. Beyond tracking behavior like conversions, engagement, and search trends through usage analytics, Coveo applies machine learning to recognize patterns that match what others have done – ultimately predicting the most plausible intent.

While at first the idea of achieving relevance may seem intimidating, by leveraging this equation within your organization, you’ll be well on your way to more relevant days. Are you looking to gauge the relevance maturity of your organization? Discover your position on the Coveo Relevance Maturity Model™ and its implications to your business.

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