What if your intranet could learn and recommend?

Louis Tetu, Coveo Chairman and CEO, answered this question at his KMWorld keynote presentation titled, “Creating the Intelligent Workplace: Think Proficiency, Not Efficiency.”

He opened by explaining that knowledge is not content. “If you go to the definition of knowledge, it’s about empowering people. It’s the human ability to exercise judgment facing a new and complex situation,” he said.

The challenges with today’s intranet begin with the unfulfilled promise of one single place for information and knowledge and the ability for employees to share knowledge. Intranets can’t unify information from multiple sources, cannot easily surface the most relevant information for employees and the ability to deliver true insights, rather than just data, on how to improve their work is, quite simply, non-existent. These challenges fuel the frustrations many workers are experiencing today. When these frustrations are solved, however, employees become proficient at their jobs in a shorter amount of time. Measure the impact in terms of the increase in employee proficiency, not efficiency, because employee proficiency is key to business growth.

Intelligent systems have made tremendous advancements with artificial intelligence in solving the challenges of intranets. The AI-powered search in Coveo™ provides the most relevant to employees right when they need it, by unifying their data sources and using their context to personalize the results. 

Louis ended his talk explaining the revolutionary Coveo Relevance Maturity Model™ (CRMM™), the journey companies go on to understand their current state of relevance, how relevant they have the potential of being, and what is needed for them to get there. The groundbreaking framework provides actionable steps and helps organizations align their people, processes and technology for scalability and success.

Our CMO, Mark Floisand, describes the CRMM™ as “a continuum over which relevance maturity can be developed, moving incrementally from one level to the next.” Find out how with our latest whitepaper: From Relevance Laggard to Leader: Becoming more relevant to your customers, communities and staff.

From Relevance Laggard to Leader: Becoming More Relevant to Your Customers, Communities & Staff

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