We live in a “do it yourself” world, and it seems we all really like it that way. Whether as customers, as partners, or as employees, we prefer to find what we need when we need it, then get on with our lives. And this DIY attitude doesn’t appear to be a passing fancy. There are all kinds of stats showing how people prefer self-service, and when 34% of millennials say they’d rather get their teeth cleaned than call a customer service line, you know the popularity of self-service will keep growing.

So it’s no surprise that companies today are committing to building great self-service portals & online communities. Self-service makes customers happier…and it has the added benefit of reducing the volume of cases and calls to the contact center. This “win-win” proposition has made successful self-service portals & communities a top priority for smart companies.

But no matter how well intended, a customer community can’t enable self-service unless it delivers answers and info that are actually relevant to every customer.

Which is why we built Coveo for Salesforce – Community Cloud Edition – a fully integrated intelligent search solution that lets community members easily search across all of the content that can help them self-serve, whatever it is and wherever it resides. Videos on a YouTube channel? Documents in a SharePoint site?  KM articles in a legacy database? You name it, Coveo lets members easily find it right on your Salesforce Community.

But how do you make sure every visitor is always getting precisely what they need, every time?

Use Machine-Learning to Drive Relevance. You need to leverage the intelligence of your community members –  your crowd – by using machine-learning technology to analyze precisely what each visitor is trying to resolve on the community, how they look for answers, and what content ultimately helps them succeed. With this data, a well designed machine-learning solution can continually and automatically fine-tune the relevance of your community search experiences, leading to:

Coveo Machine-Learning Self-Service Stats

Bringing machine-learning intelligence to Salesforce Communities (and beyond!) was the mission that drove the development of Coveo Machine-Learning. Coveo Machine-Learning service that continually analyzes how visitors are searching for information, and learns precisely what content drives self-service for every user and every issue.  Coveo Machine-Learning tracks what users search for, what facets and filters they click, what results they click on, and whether or not they created a new support case.

With this data, Coveo Machine-Learning learns from your Community and can predict which content will be most helpful to future users based upon their specific query. Coveo Machine-Learning continually analyzes Coveo Usage Analytics data, so its predictive model is regularly re-trained, meaning over time Coveo Machine-Learning will get better and better.  And because it’s delivered as a service managed by Coveo, from the customer’s perspective Coveo Machine-Learning just works.

It’s like having a “data scientist in a box”, and it makes Salesforce Communities better in three powerful ways:

#1 Continually Tunes Communities for Self-Service Success

Coveo Machine-Learning monitors not only what each visitor clicks and views on your community, but also whether they were actually successful. Did they start creating a new case, but then abandon the process? Did they leave the community directly after reading a particular article or document? These are all signals that they successfully self-served, and Coveo Machine-Learning “learns” precisely what content drives self-service for every issue and query, and automatically fine-tunes the relevance engine so future visitors will find more successful content even faster.

#2 Makes Communities Rapidly Adaptable to New Issues & Trends

Coveo Machine-Learning analyzes community activity continuously to predict what content & info will help future visitors self-serve. This means it will automatically identify any changes in user behavior and respond accordingly. For example, say an electronics company sends out an update to one of its Smart TV models, and the update has a bug that makes the TVs no longer able to stream Netflix content. On the company’s community there is a KB article that explains how customers can fix the problem, and the customers who visit the community and find this article are able to fix the problem on their own. Those that can’t end up creating a ticket or calling the company’s contact center. (“I need my House of Cards!”)  Coveo Machine-Learning will identify that this KB article is driving self-service, and automatically boost it higher in the search results for future users with the same issue.

#3 Makes Community Managers’ Jobs Easier

Coveo Machine-Learning automatically tunes relevance for Salesforce Communities, meaning administrators no longer have to manually tune search.  With no need to manually review search analytics data, boost queries, or manage synonyms, community managers can focus on more strategic, less tedious tasks.

Relevance is the jet-fuel of self-service, and with the introduction of Coveo Machine-Learning capabilities, Coveo for Salesforce makes precision relevance achievable and automatic for every Salesforce Community.

As Coveo CEO Louis Tetu noted in his recent post, “When every customer gets the best available answer every time, they become smarter about your business, engage more, and convert more. When every employee gets the best answer and information available, they upskill, they can do more on their own and faster, including satisfying more customers. When those two events occur, business thrives.”

If your organization is committed to helping your customers, partners, and employees self-serve, consider bringing unified, intelligent search powered by machine-learning to your Salesforce Community.  Leverage the intelligence of your crowd to deliver a self-service experience that truly empowers your users.

To learn more about the Coveo Machine-Learning capabilities for Coveo for Salesforce – Community Cloud Edition, visit our solution overview page, connect with a Coveo search specialist, or watch this recent webinar!