Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition is Now Available

Over the last few years, Coveo has been optimizing the search experience for some of the world’s biggest and most innovative brands to help their customers find more relevant content and achieve higher case deflection rates for customer support teams, as it is one of the key organizational KPIs and personal goals for just about every customer support leader these days. As a product manager of Coveo for Salesforce, I’ve seen firsthand customer service leaders for large and mid-sized companies whose self-service success and case deflection saved the company big bucks.

We’ve accomplished this using machine learning and powerful usage analytics built upon the powerful Salesforce platform. Putting Coveo for Salesforce in the hands of many more companies so they could realize the value of AI-powered search on their own self-service sites and communities has been something I wanted to contribute to since I started.

Today, we’re able to offer that. I am very thrilled to introduce Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition, which offers a fast, barrier-free onramp that infuses AI-powered search technology directly within Salesforce Community and App Clouds. This makes Salesforce content easier to find and provides insight into what customers, partners and employees are asking in their community.

You can transform your community and self-service sites into dynamic, appealing experiences that match the look and feel of your brand, literally within minutes.

Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition includes some key features that will help you to create a successful customer, partner or employee self-service experience:

Rich Search User Interface

We’ve been building search UIs for years and we know that there is no such thing as a one size fits all model. Relevant metadata can be stored in various custom fields and search interfaces need to be able to offer the flexibility to display them. That’s why we package our open source javascript search UI in Lightning and Salesforce Visualforce components. It comes with an Interface Editor allowing you to customize just about every aspect of the search experience. Faceted Search, Customizable Result templates, Configurable tabs, etc…

Usage Analytics

Self-service success and case deflection is a journey. If you don’t know what your audience is looking for, you can’t effectively drive a good feedback loop of content creation. Let’s face it, users are limited with their time, they don’t want to respond to surveys and give you feedback, they want to use the search box. If you don’t capture what they are searching for, you are missing a ton of useful insights, including the ability to analyze content gaps, track performance metrics as well as case deflection metrics.

Machine Learning

AI is everywhere and customers are expecting more and more intelligence from the tool they use. Since Coveo gathers all the insight with analytics, we can identify patterns and successful outcomes to drive better search results and ultimately, better self-service success. Coveo ML can also be used to power type-ahead search and content recommendations.

Tuning and Personalization

Coveo Search Pipelines allows you to configure rules such as synonyms and featured results. You can also write generic rules to boost certain type of content based on metadata. All of which can leverage the context to offer personalized search experiences.

In our early access phase of the Free Edition, we’ve already seen some creative use-cases that extend beyond customer service and support. For example, we’ve seen HR communities for candidate resume searches and alumni portals for universities. I can’t wait to see the other types of communities you’ll build with Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition.

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