Cloud environments are being used industry wide, from database management systems to corporate applications, to solve the range of challenges organizations are faced with today. Companies are seeing the value first and and yet, their corporate search functionality is kept in the dark – which is a big problem. We get it, when compared to the quality and accuracy of the large Internet search platforms, traditional corporate search under delivers and, quite frankly, should be left in the dark. There is no place for an outdated intranet in today’s fast-paced, evolving workplace. That’s precisely why an intelligent search solution, one that proactively provides relevant content and valuable insights, is revolutionizing the way we do business and bringing corporate search back to the forefront.

Why traditional, vertical search, ought to be a thing of the past.

With traditional, vertical search, organizations are incapable of taking advantage of their full body of knowledge across its ecosystem of record. It breaks corporate knowledge into silos, making it extremely difficult retrieve and analyze valuable results. A disparate search system widens the knowledge gap within organizations and prevents employees from being able to self-serve, putting the burden on highly sought-after experts.

Traditional intranets do not offer a personalized experience or necessarily relevant results so knowledge workers are left sifting through a mountain of information for answers to each new problem. Or, they’re incapable of finding the answer to an existing problem, doubling the time and resources needed to solve it.

Furthermore, traditional search does not put an organization’s knowledge to use. Documents may be created but without a unified way of finding them, they will live and die in their respective silos. This is not a scalable model and will not support company growth.

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Maturity of intelligent search and how it delivers much greater value.

Intelligent search provides context that most vertical search platforms do not. Believe it or not, your intranet can offer the same Google-like relevancy, ultimately improving the proficiency of everyone who uses it. Better yet, by using the context within your intranet environment, intelligent search results offer more valuable and meaningful content, compared to Internet search platforms.

This is due to the fact that the context within your intranet is richer, more accurate, and more relevant to the needs of your users, than any public platform. The data available within the firewall includes your name, job title, department, job responsibility, seniority, coworkers, and areas of expertise. Every query and document you’ve viewed are also available. With intelligent search, virtually all of your internal sources, whether they’re secure or not, can be fully search-enabled – making corporate search valuable again.

Intelligent search and predictive analytics puts the Intelligent Workplace within reach.

The Intelligent Workplace is the next generation intranet and its capabilities are lightyears ahead of the broken silos of vertical search. It completely revolutionizes search by successfully anticipating and delivering the best information to each user, based on similar searches and results that helped others succeed.

Intelligent search and predictive analytics technologies provide the insights that make this possible. Insights arise when information is synthesized and a novel connection or finding is made. Beyond just sharing information or finding information faster, insights enable people to exercise informed judgement, become more skillful, and handle increasingly complex tasks on their own. In short, insights are truly what set the traditional intranet and intelligent search apart.

Intelligent search provides a scalable and simple platform that allows you to continually add or remove new content sources from a global content pool, then dispense the information on-demand, based on what the knowledge worker needs, when they need it.

Predictive analytics then leverage usage analytics and applies machine learning to analyze behavior and deliver recommendations based on the prior experience of others in a similar context.

An Intelligent Workplace is the ideal foundation for a modern knowledge management strategy and a proficient organization. So why settle for basic search results when you can have intelligent insights?

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