Research from Bain & Co. has proven that customers are 4 times more likely to leave and turn to your competition if they don’t get the customer service they expect.

That’s why the very best customer self-service sites and contact centers provide customers with the information customers need quickly and effortlessly – limiting their need to log cases, and if a case is created, solving the issue on first contact. These service leaders are increasing self-service adoption by up to 40%, deflecting up to 20% more cases, and increasing FCR by up to 30%.

But how do they do it? In one word: search. These service leaders are using search technology to proactively suggest relevant knowledge to customers as they are self-serving and to agents as they are helping customers.

Infographic: Search is Transforming Customer Service

Take a look at the full infographic to learn why more and more top companies are investing in search technology that increases the proficiency of people at every point of work.