CRM_WatchlistIn the knowledge management for customer service industry, we have an ever-present problem – a recent Argyle study of customer care executives found that only 15 percent of organizations had access to the information they needed to solve cases faster and more efficiently. Knowledge, knowledge everywhere… and not a drop to understand.

Switch gears: Paul Greenberg is an industry analyst and ZDNet blogger whose CRM Watchlist is an annual roundup that recognizes companies that are changing the future of CRM technology for the better.

We were honored to be named to the Watchlist for the second year in a row.

Paul writes that Coveo “does exactly what it sets out to do which is to provide dynamic information that leads to valuable insights that can impact companies.” He also praises our application, Coveo for Salesforce, which provides advanced search for Salesforce users, and is embedded within the Salesforce UI. Paul writes, “Case information, subject matter expertise and references and solutions to problems are represented …. in what I have to say is a seamless and easily manageable way ….There is added power to Salesforce.”  You can view Paul’s full write-up on us here.

Companies are better understanding today than at any point in the past how unified indexing technology is the way to leverage and access the collective knowledge.  Knowledge managers take note: customer service will continue to improve as employees gain the ability to access the knowledge to solve problems better and faster. To help make this a reality, we encourage you to download our latest addition, Coveo for Salesforce, directly on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Does your organization have problems accessing relevant customer knowledge? What does the future look like for you?