We know that being together is better, but going digital has become the only way forward –  it’s the only way we can connect, grow as an industry, and expand our knowledge as subject matter experts and community members. 

With our Impact events in San Francisco, Boston and London unable to go ahead, we have been hard at work reimagining how we can share all of the fantastic customer and partner stories that would have been part of our in-person agenda.

That being said, we have decided to introduce an entirely new channel for you to get real-time access to the best Coveo content: Impact+.

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Our Current Mission

The purpose behind Coveo Impact events has always been to bring our community together to collaborate and share best practices on how businesses can harness data and AI to deliver intelligent experiences and thrive in their space – to become Experience Intelligence Heroes. 

Coveo CEO Louis Tetu and Salesforce EVP of Customer Support Jim Roth discuss what it takes to become an Experience Intelligence Hero.

Ultimately, we want to help you help your customers and employees find what they need the most, and this hasn’t changed. If anything, at a time characterized by doubt, uncertainty, and apprehension, this mission has been strengthened. Now more than ever we are driven to provide you with a solution to help you succeed in the experience economy – because being digital is simply not enough.

“We believe deeply in the power of the Coveo community, and together we can emerge stronger, more resilient and better prepared for a digitally transformed world.”

Coveo CEO Louis Tetu | Executive Address, March 2020

Impact+ gives you the opportunity to do just that – through granting you one-click access to engaging keynotes, customer stories, and educational content centered around best practices and product learning.  

In anticipation of what’s to come, we’d like to take the opportunity to step back in time and share how Impact + grew up to be what it is today. It’s only fitting that this story starts at the time we would’ve been together in Boston.

How Did We Get Here? 

[April 2nd]: Digital Leadership Through Crisis 

In this live update and conversation, our CEO, Louis Tetu, came together with Jim Roth (Salesforce EVP of Customer Support) to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 crisis as well as how digital leaders are responding to immediate challenges with the future in mind.


A key takeaway: We are experiencing a shift from “a short-term digital crunch to a long-term digital rush” – and if businesses want to succeed in the future, they must immediately accelerate their digital transformation with data and AI. 

The full recording is available, but for those of you that would prefer to read all about it, we’ve got you covered.

[April 9th]: Meeting the Digital Demand with Data and AI 

Laurent Simoneau (Coveo CTO, President, and Co-founder) hosted the second live webinar in this series. This session in particular was focused on how businesses can harness data and AI to meet the increased digital demand that has arisen and will endure as the result of life being moved online. 

Recognizing that the thought of taking on such an endeavor may be daunting for many, Laurent laid out clear and actionable steps that businesses can take to move forward with the process. 


A key takeaway: The entire world’s buying habits, service demands, and working patterns have been fundamentally shifted to digital, increasing the digital demand on businesses – across all areas – and the Coveo Experience Intelligence Platform is the tool that will allow them to unify data, get personal, enable the experience, and ultimately accelerate their digital transformation so that they can meet that demand.

Again, I’ll leave you with some options. You can (1) learn more from Laurent by watching the full session recording or (2) go on a deep dive with yours truly – the choice is yours. 

[April 15th]: The eCommerce Imperative: an Action Plan 

Andy Hoar (CEO of Paradigm B2B & Co-founder at B2B Next) and Brian McGlynn (VP Commerce at Coveo) co-hosted the third live webinar in this series. Whereas the previous sessions provided a horizontal view of our current digital reality, this served as a vertical deep dive into the changing world of commerce, revealing how digital leaders are adapting their strategies to create the intelligent buying experiences needed to succeed in the next new normal. 

A key takeaway: Now is the time to question your standard ways of doing things in commerce and begin again by embracing AI to boost customer retention and loyalty.

And, as you have probably learned by now, we have both a full session recording and blog post available if you’d like to discover more.

Where Are We Going?

Rather than a one-time event, Impact+ will be a channel dedicated to delivering you an ongoing multi-touch experience consisting of regularly scheduled sessions tailored to your industry-specific needs. Each session will be accompanied by supplementary materials and follow-up opportunities to connect and collaborate with digital leaders facing the same challenges as you. 

For us, the creation of this channel stands not as a mere formulation by necessity, but rather marks the dawning of a whole new era of intelligent digital experiences, and we are excited to have you move forward with us. 

And remarkably, some of you already have by attending our latest session – “Delivering Omni-Channel Self-Service Experiences”. For those of you that have yet to do so – be sure to check out the full session recording  in order to learn how to create a customer experience that is consistent and seamless across all digital channels.

And as always, there is a full written recap available just for you.