In today’s day and age, companies are obsessed with being top of mind to their customers, or at least they should be. But now more than ever before, there are so many other things fighting for your customers’ attention. Companies need to put their customers at the heart of their mission, they need to remain agile, and have a plan to scale. In short: they need to embrace relevance.

“Relevance” seems abstract and will look different per industry, product or service, but what holds true in every circumstance is that relevance goes hand in hand with change. You cannot expect your customers to care about you in 5 years if you’re still doing then what you’re doing today. In fact, today’s marketplace is evolving so quickly that if your offering hasn’t evolved or improved by this time next year, you’re already at risk of losing their attention. As you may have guessed, change isn’t a set and forget deal, it’s got to be constant to be effective and without the proper tools and technology in place, there’s a good reason to worry.

The good news is though, there are companies whose mission it is to keep you relevant through these exciting, yet challenging times of the digital era. As you start to plan for the new year, you mustn’t neglect the rise of the empowered customer. They continue to expect more from companies and you have to be ready to deliver. Breaking the process down into the following steps will help you to achieve relevance in the digital age:

Listen to what they’re telling you.

You’ve heard it before; customers do business with companies they like, know and trust. Seek customer feedback on a regular basis and show them you’re listening by improving the customer experience in ways they’ve suggested. If they’re searching for answers it’s because they trust you’ll have them. If you have the answer to their question, be sure to make it accessible. If you don’t have what they’re looking for, and you notice several similar queries, it’s a good opportunity to assess your content gaps and prioritize the creation of knowledge articles or other content types accordingly.

Personalize your customer’s experience.

With the right technology, customization is easier than ever before and can be done in so many ways. Although customers know they’re dealing with a company, they still want a one-to-one experience that is catered to their individual wants and needs. You don’t have to master true customization to offer a personalized experience. Delivering a one-to-many experience is possible through machine learning. Machine learning seeks to understand your data, identify trends and intuitively predict what your customers need next. These efforts keep your customers engaged and satisfied.

Tap into customer emotion.

To keep your customer coming back and relying on your product or service, it needs to resonate with them. It needs to make them feel good, meet a need or alleviate the pain they feel in their personal and professional lives. Being able to position what you offer in the context of what they want or need, will make you increasingly more relevant to them and result in a longer lasting and more profitable customer life cycle.

Relevance is not just your mission or your offering, it is the full experience your customer gets and resonates with. How relevant you are is directly correlated to the behavior of your customers and your sustained success. To see how relevant your organization is, take a look at our proprietary benchmarking model in our eBook, From Relevance Laggard to Leader: Becoming more relevant to your customers, communities and staff.

From Relevance Laggard to Leader: Becoming More Relevant to Your Customers, Communities & Staff