One point five million. That was the monthly savings that Tableau saw after implementing Coveo AI-powered search and recommendations on its customer community. Tableau helps their customers “see and understand data,” and their customer experience is critical to the success of the company. But so was saving money. 

Their savings of $18M per year in customer service costs with case deflection was a major milestone for the company as it sought to scale its business as its customer base grows. The contact center is the most expensive form of customer support, at roughly $1 per minute, according to an estimate from VHT.  When you multiply that by a quickly expanding tech company’s growth rate, the costs quickly get out of control. 

Tableau needed a more cost-effective option. As the company moved to a subscription model, it became clear that “stickiness” with their customers was critical to generating customer loyalty and higher lifetime value. The customer experience hinges on the ability of Tableau’s customers to use the powerful software, with the help of informative and educational content from Tableau. But with content residing in different file formats and different content sources, it needed both a powerful index with a robust suite of connectors and predictive machine learning to guide customers to the right solution.

So they turned to Coveo.

Existing customers are now able to use powerful and predictive recommendations to guide their experience on the online community. Coveo is now able to understand Tableau customers’ context and intent to recommend the right article from the knowledge base, increasing customer loyalty – while reducing costs. 

The results? Customer success and self-service success – to the tune of $18M per year.

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