Valuing customers’ time is the most important thing a company can do to provide good customer service. One company that constantly strives to deliver this type of timely service is Superion LLC (formerly SunGard Public Sector).

When leaders at Superion LLC realized that its customers, support agents, and knowledge workers often had to spend extra time and effort looking in multiple repositories to find answers to a solution or information for a task, improving search and information access became a corporate priority.

Superion LLC’s IT team took the lead to find and select a unified search solution that would also offer an intuitive user experience. They selected Coveo enterprise search technology after considering alternatives from Google and Microsoft. Coveo met the company’s requirements for security, scalability, ease of implementation and ROI, and came with a strong reference from SunGard K-12, another company division that has used Coveo for years. SunGard’s IT team determined that Microsoft Fast for SharePoint would be too complex to implement, and the licensing model for Google Search Appliance was cost-prohibitive for enterprise-class deployments.

Within a matter of weeks after selecting Coveo, Superion LLC’s 120 support agents and 230 knowledge workers began using Coveo’s browser-based interface to perform a single search across Superion LLC’s SharePoint, File Shares, Salesforce, MS Dynamics, proprietary databases, and corporate website, and be returned the most relevant content from each.

Motivated by the success of the initial deployment of Coveo, Superion LLC took the intuitive search experience a step further and used Coveo to power its Customer Connect Portal.

SunGard systems

Superion LLC customers and employees offered a unified view of information residing in multiple repositories

Intuitive Search Powers Superion LLC’s Customer Portal

Superion LLC’s customers use this self-service portal to view their case history, look for solutions to technical issues, and get product alerts. However, successfully retrieving this information wasn’t guaranteed before deploying Coveo. For instance, the portal’s limited search capabilities resulted in customers spending a great deal of time looking in multiple places and under many categories for the right information.

Deploying Coveo has completely transformed the customer experience on the portal. Using the power of unified search, the portal now takes into account the customer’s unique location, preferences, and history with the company to customize the search results and content displayed using dynamic, pre-selected facets. Superion LLC also offered customers a seamless, consistently branded experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

customer portal

Mobile-optimized & multifaceted search on Customer Connect Portal

Superion LLC’s customers have not only noticed improvements, but they have quickly embraced the portal and its features. “[Superion LLC’s customers] told me they love the new search experience on the portal,” shared Chris Harrington, IT Applications Manager at SunGard. In fact, within four days of launching Coveo, customers performed about 450 searches per day on the portal.

“The updates to the Superion LLC Customer Connect Portal are a dramatic improvement in usability. The [Coveo] search solution returns results that are much more readable, and the sorting and filtering capabilities provide quicker access to information I’m looking for. This reduces the amount of time required to find support information and improves our self-help capabilities,” noted Craig Richards, Manager of Police Information Technology and Projects at City of Fort Lauderdale, and a Customer Connect Portal member.

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