Together, Fishtank Consulting and Coveo for Sitecore transform content personalization

Historically, search has been this static ‘thing’ providing extremely limited value. Standard site search is relied on to deliver titles, summaries and links at best. Intelligent site search goes beyond typical search functionalities, it is the foundation for web content personalization. Together, Fishtank Consulting and Coveo for Sitecore offer contextual insights and relevance, which enhances web content personalization and drives a radically superior online experience.

Dan Cruickshank, President of Fishtank Consulting, met with Coveo to share his experience with intelligent site search and how it is revolutionizing the way people interact online. Fishtank Consulting is a Coveo Certified system integrator of online experience, specializing in contextualization of content and data, operating exclusively on the Sitecore CMS Experience Platform. Fishtank takes being a top-tier Sitecore partner seriously and is dedicated to transforming digital channels into insights-driven platforms.

To learn more, download our eBook, Best Practices for Site Search.

It can be extremely overwhelming dealing with taxonomy issues, sifting through data and figuring out how to organize content. Together, Fishtank, Sitecore and Coveo provide a complete contextual experience that gets the right content to the right people at the right time, in a way that’s manageable and scalable.

A great example of this is Fishtank and Coveo customer, Enbridge. With the help of Fishtank, positions Coveo as a relevancy engine, with as much content being delivered by Coveo as it is with Sitecore. Coveo eliminates the need for the content authors to target the right content to the customers. Coveo’s machine learning capabilities delivers targeted role-based content without adding extra workload on to content authors. Results are seamlessly accessed from across Enbridge’s entire ecosystem of record and is indistinguishably delivered to the end user.

“Search is engaging in their website. It’s an actual useful tool and is delivering a really unique experience.” Dan Cruickshank

With Coveo and Fishtank, Enbridge has contextually valuable insights based on user persona, location and behavior, and automates them to create a truly personalized experience for its customers. Intelligent search is returning real content within the site, that goes far beyond the capabilities of standard search. Now, everything Fishtank built for is manifested through search, such as interactive stock charts, carousels, videos tiles, surverys, and more.

Coveo is not just a search platform, it’s a relevance platform and can be the key to automating your relevance problem. To learn more, download our eBook, Best Practices for Site Search.