The benefits of delivering relevancy through an Intelligent Workplace

Admittedly, we talk a lot about ‘unified indexes’ and ‘unifying your ecosystem of record’ as a crucial element of intelligent search, and thus, of the Intelligent Workplace – but what does it actually mean? Well, your ecosystem of record is essentially made up of on-premise and cloud applications outside of your primary business systems. This type of information accounts for 80% or more of your enterprise’s knowledge and yet it is often inaccessible to your employees. By consolidating all of your organization’s information from across your entire ecosystem, you create a single, more coherent system; this is a unified index. A unified index puts relevant information at your employees’ fingertips when they need it most. Here are some of the benefits of delivering relevancy through an Intelligent Workplace.

Increase your return on knowledge. By indexing the long tail of information with secure intelligent search connectors your employees can search, navigate, and take advantage of information from everywhere. Gone are the days of endlessly searching for content and yielding little or no results. Intelligent search sprawls across your organization’s entire ecosystem of record to find exactly what is being searched and delivers the best, most contextually relevant results, every time. Instead of spending hours searching and working for content, intelligent search increases your return on knowledge by making your content work for you.

unified index

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Security is a sure bet. While the security of your data center should be of concern, you don’t need to worry about being the one to maintain it. Cloud and SaaS providers are heavily invested in the security of their installations and systems and are required to adhere to strict security rules and regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, ISO and SOC, to name a few. Furthermore, cloud and SaaS providers are mandated to perform yearly audits on their policies, procedures, and systems, to ensure that best practices and standards are implemented and adopted at all times.

Furthermore, because intelligent search connectors index the document-level and record-level permissions of your content, the security privileges of each document and its respective indexed repository are inherited. This accounts for authentication, compliance, encryption, and the security of data in-transit and at rest.

With a cloud-based index you can go all-in when it comes to betting on the security of your data.

Drive employee proficiency. By having a unified index and the appropriate authentication to access relevant information, your employees can find and use it in directly in their work environment, through their most used applications and devices. But raising proficiency goes beyond making information easily available, delivering relevant insights is the key. Insights allow your employees to handle more complex tasks on their own with less effort.

The more they can do independently, the higher their competency levels increase, allowing them to self-serve and do things today that they couldn’t do yesterday.

“When people have the most relevant information and insights, where and when they need it, every time, they can do more on their own.” – Louis Tetu, CEO, Coveo

Scalability is made possible. Intelligent search is infinitely more powerful than standard search because of its ability to virtually unify all the content within your ecosystem, into a single cloud-based index to form the mothership of content, and return valuable insights.

Bringing your ever-growing knowledge base into the cloud enables higher business scalability and often results in better sales, customer service and satisfaction. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some companies focusing on improving employee proficiency with an Intelligent Workplace.

  • A Fortune 50 Healthcare Company saw a 12x improvement in time-to-competency for new employees and successful expansion of customer support operations in emerging markets
  • 3i Group experienced 90% faster access to all deal-related intelligence and 20% reduction in resources required to respond to compliance requests
  • Tokyo Electron benefited from a 20% increase in first-time fix rates and higher customer satisfaction scores

Bonus benefit: a cloud-based index is actually cheaper to maintain than an on-premise index.

Putting relevant information at your employees’ fingertips is made possible through intelligent search. Creating a proficient and scalable organization is made possible with the Intelligent Workplace. To learn how you can transform your organization, download our eBook, Guide to Building an Intelligent Workplace.