customer service trend: upskill agentsThe distance between a customer and a resolution to a service-related issue should be minimal, according to a landmark CEB study of 125,000 consumers. The study revealed that 96% of customers feel more disloyal to a company when put through high-effort experiences.

Unfortunately, the experience most customers have with contact centers is anything but low-effort. Calls to contact centers can mean long wait times, complex IVR trees, escalations and incomplete solutions that require callbacks.

Most companies have a wealth of information that could make agents at all levels better equipped to solve complex challenges and problems faster, but this knowledge isn’t typically made readily accessible to them. Delivering high-quality, low-effort service requires that agents have quick and direct access to case-resolving information, regardless of the system that stores the information.

That’s why “upskilling” agents with search is a major trend this year. Innovative customer service leaders have realized that search-powered apps help agents find relevant, case-resolving information quickly and in context to the case at hand. And with that contextually relevant information, they are more capable to solve issues faster and often handle higher level issues without needing to escalate.

Here’s how a search solution such as Coveo for Salesforce works:

  1. Connect to content from any source securely, including multiple Salesforce orgs.
  2. Agents see suggestions for contextually relevant solutions, experts and knowledge to help them solve the case at hand, all of which can be found directly within the Salesforce console.
  3. Unified content and usage analytics provide valuable insights into how users are finding and engaging with content.

That’s why 50% of customer service leaders recently surveyed by TSIA are planning to invest in intelligent search this year.

The impact of search in customer service is measured by improvements in the key KPIs that matter—first call resolution, case resolution time, customer satisfaction, and more.  And as costs double (or more) when a case is escalated to L2 or beyond, there’s a strong business case for search.

Coveo for Salesforce makes it easy for you to deliver great customer service – download this guide to learn more.