CRM Magazine Award 2013And the winner is…Coveo! We’re pleased to announce that Coveo has just been named a 2013 Service Leader alongside in CRM Magazine‘s Service Leaders Awards.

These awards acknowledge the “best of the best” in customer service and support, and are chosen by a group of approximately 20 top analysts and industry experts based on a mix of weighted criteria – including depth of functionality and services, customer satisfaction, company direction, deployment costs and overall revenue.

John Ragsdale, Vice President of Technology Research at the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), called Coveo his “top recommended search platform,” due to its “faceted search and dynamic integrations” with external systems, while Kate Leggett, principal analyst at Forrester, noted that Coveo offers “excellent search [capabilities] across structured and unstructured sources” as well as “strong visualization and dashboarding tools to present search results in very consumable ways.”

In its review of the 2013 Service Leader Award winners, CRM Magazine also referred to Coveo as “a mainstay on the CCS leaderboard,”noting that Coveo for Salesforce, introduced in 2012, gives Salesforce users the ability to search across nearly any system, directly from the Salesforce UI. won the Case Management category, with, as Kate Leggett puts it, “a [visionary] road map for all customer touchpoints.” Clearly, the combination of Coveo and Salesforce makes all customer support & service professionals leaders. Adding highly advanced search for Salesforce brings the entire information ecosystem directly to the agent, speeding case resolution times and increasing customer satisfaction.

Coveo’s highly advanced search in Salesforce takes even that one step further, by removing the need for users to conduct a search. With Coveo for Salesforce, agents simply find everything they need to more effectively solve cases. The search is conducted in the background, although the agent always has the ability to search in Salesforce via Coveo’s Insight Panel in Salesforce and its Expanded View for power search users.

Coveo and the other 2013 Service Award winners are featured in the March 2013 issue of CRM Magazine.