We are entering a new digital support reality.

Real-time availability of the most trusted and relevant online resources is essential for customer success. Whether it’s getting help with new web conferencing software, determining the status of an investment portfolio, or figuring out how to upgrade internet service packages, we can self-educate, self-serve, and self-inform, right within the comfort of our own home. And in today’s climate, many of us have to do this. 

However, pervasiveness of information has brought about new challenges for people and organizations everywhere – including an overabundance of websites and applications. This means there are now too many places to find information, and that information may not always be accurate or consistent across properties. With that comes the tendency to press the “Contact Us” button to look for a routine answer from an already resource-constrained contact center.

For customers and employees, the question is no longer if they have enough information to answer their urgent questions or fulfill the task at hand, but if they have the latest, most accurate, and most trusted information. 

For organizational leaders, the question is no longer if you have enough content and systems in place, but rather if you are proactively and intelligently reaching your key stakeholders where they are and offering valuable information to them, even before they have to seek it out. 

The new digital support reality is a living, breathing, and constantly adapting environment; one that views customer self-service and contact center support as a united front; one where customers get the best-in-class digital support experiences they expect from reputable companies; one where every interaction is monitored and seen as an opportunity to shape the overall customer experience and influence customer loyalty.

Organizations that aren’t providing an intelligent and dynamic online self-service experience risk building a sense of indifference amongst their customer and employee stakeholder groups. Their key stakeholders – customers and employees – will miss out on consuming the most important information resources, therefore lowering the overall perceived value of the company. This is not a situation in which any company wants to be.

Leading companies and digital support leaders have already been delivering these intelligent digital support experiences. So we have compiled their best practices into a guide that includes:

  • Informatica, on creating a single source of truth without a system overhaul.
  • Ellucian, and how they are deploying dynamic self-service features that increase site usage.
  • Tableau, proactively deflecting cases to lower inbound volume.
  • VMware, on delivering personalized support to increase customer success.
  • Salesforce, and how they are providing recommendations to drive adoption & engagement.
  • Xero, reaching customers where they are – in the product itself.
  • And RingCentral, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

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Thriving in this new digital support reality requires guidance and insight to stay ahead. And everyone at Coveo is committed to helping you with these challenges. Please reach out and let us know how we can be of service.

You can also download our Guide to Delivering Intelligent Self-Service to discover the best practices you can put into action to succeed now and in the future. 

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