Your customers prefer to self-serve. If you’re worried about making an investment in your customer self-service strategy, don’t be.  Self-service is a non-negotiable in the digital age, so there’s no sense wondering if you should or shouldn’t. But here’s the main reason your mind should be put at ease: customer self-service will actually save your organization money. The average cost of self-service is 120X lower than phone-based support and 170X lower than email support.

However, even though self-service is preferred, unfortunately it isn’t the channel with the highest customer satisfaction. Research from Forrester found that customer satisfaction ratings for self-service sites lag behind the more expensive channels. The reason? Most self-service sites suffer from poorly maintained and/or incomplete content.

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checklistSelf-Service Health Check

If your company knowledge is outdated and unfindable via your self-service site and customer community, you are delivering a poor self-service experience and are at risk of losing your customers. A Forrester survey shows that only 75% of customers who experience frustration trying to get answers online will escalate the issue to more expensive channels. The remaining 25% will either give up, try something else, or go to your competitors.

The good news is creating self-service sites and communities with contextually relevant content is not that hard. What you need is a unified layer of relevance.

Unified interactions start with being able to find the best information the moment it’s needed. This is made possible with AI-powered search and machine learning capabilities. Here are 5 ways you can use intelligent search to solve the common causes of dissatisfaction with your self-service site so you can deliver the end-to-end experience your customers expect.

5 ways to deliver great customer self-service

Customer self service infographic.

If you want to understand what areas of your self-service strategy meet the wants and needs of your customers and where you can improve to deliver a superior customer experience, take our self-service health check.

checklistSelf-Service Health Check
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