When people visit your site, they expect to find relevant information with ease. So it’s no surprise that the sites that deliver great search experiences perform better. Coveo research indicates that effective search can increase a site’s number of repeat visitors by 60%, lift pageviews per visitor by 33%, and – most importantly – increase conversions by over 30%.

How is your site search performing?

According to a recent Forrester Research report, most companies still treat site search as an “afterthought.” Only 13% of digital experience leaders surveyed last year consider search as a top technology priority. These digital experience leaders have an advantage. They understand context and intent are personal, and are using site search to:

  • Deliver the right content at the right time. By offering each visitor high-impact content and product offers automatically based upon their unique activity and profile, visitors engage with site content more actively and convert faster.
  • Make it easy for visitors to find what they need. They allow visitors to search in one place for all of the content they might need – from all content repositories, online properties and communities – regardless of the device they are using. As one Coveo customer put it, “If our users cannot find the content they need when they need it, then the value of that content drops to zero.”
  • Offer proactive suggestions. They use site search to create a dialogue with intuitive discovery tools – including filters, facets, and content or product previews – allowing visitors to more easily explore and drill-in to find exactly what they need. Then, they take it a step further, to proactively suggest related content or products, specifically tailored to each unique visit.
  • Learn from visitors to optimize the experience. Using intuitive analytics, they get valuable feedback about visitors’ wants and needs. They know which products (or content) resonate, what gaps exist, and more. With the knowledge of what’s working, they use tools to optimize the experience for all visitors. The most advanced digital professionals are using the next wave of cloud-based site search technologies that automate search optimization using behavioral analytics to understand intent and provide the next best action to visitors.

While site search is critical, it doesn’t have to be complex to get right. Watch our webinar replay and learn how to make personalized, mobile-ready, and easy to manage site search a reality for your site. The on-demand webinar features the five best practices for site search and shares how you can take advantage of a free site search app to get started quickly.

You can watch the search best practices webinar by clicking here.

If improving customer engagement and experience is a priority for your team, it’s time to use site search to your advantage.