Noah Locke, Director of Marketing Technology at UW Health, was a man on a mission. Every day, thousands of UW Health employees used UW Health intranet, U-Connect, at “floating stations” while providing care in the health system’s hospitals. Relevant and efficient search results within the intranet played a crucial role in their ability to provide the best care possible to their patients.

Noah implemented several search engines over the past five years to help UW Health employees find content in their intranet, “U-Connect.” When he finally found the right one with Google Search Appliance, Google discontinued the product. He took the opportunity to upgrade the search experience and tried to find a provider to meet their needs for a solution that can:

  • Enable employees with the information they need among more than 25,000 files in different formats.
  • Cut down on manual tuning and resource investments to improve the experience.
  • Deliver results quickly. Employees at floating workstations don’t have time to go through page after page of results or enter multiple queries.

In short, he needed to create a relevant experience for every user that could connect all of the ecosystems of record at UW Health.

Mission Accomplished with Coveo

The team went through a few different providers before eventually selecting Coveo — and the results speak for themselves: zero complaints and close to an 80% reduction in searches with no results. 

Want to learn more about how they did it? Watch this short interview with Noah where he shares more about the UW Health story.

But Noah’s mission is not completely over yet. UW Health plans to use Coveo’s technology across the organization to make finding nearby doctors and clinics effortless for their patients. 

You can find out more by downloading the full case study.

Full Case Study
Enabling Care Teams at UWHealth