Laurent Simoneau
President and CTO

Sharing and connecting sources of knowledge is behind everything we do. While we like to talk about the present and future of knowledge exchange, we can also look to the past for sources of inspiration and education.

To capture this history of knowledge sharing, we created an infographic that showcases a few key milestones of knowledge access and transfer.

It’s remarkable to look at how information sharing has evolved from drawings and scribes, to mass broadcasting, to ever-increasing amounts of data and digital content.

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We’ve certainly come a long way, and we have a ways to go. We’re at an inflection point in history when it comes to data-driven insight. Our customers have begun to harness the power of indexing technology, and they’ve found it’s a journey that is well worth the effort. To quote Forbes, capturing and leveraging knowledge might be the next great phase of wealth creation in history.

Our timeline is below. What would you add to it?
Infographic: History of Knowledge Sharing

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About Laurent Simoneau

Laurent Simoneau is President and CTO of Coveo, and is considered one of industry’s top enterprise search experts. Prior to Coveo, Laurent was CTO of Copernic, an early leader in desktop search, where he oversaw the company’s product strategy and directed the research and development of core technologies. Laurent also served as Chief Operating Officer at Copernic during which he successfully orchestrated the spin-off of the company’s enterprise search division in 2005 into what is now Coveo. Laurent is a graduate of Université du Quebec, where he holds an MBA degree. He resides in Quebec City with his wife and children.

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