You could save over $3,000, here’s how!

Jokes aside, as a developer, I’ve made a habit of trying to hack all things that surround me. Amongst other things: my sleep schedule, my monthly spending, the optimization of my daily transit, etc. But the one hack I’ll focus on in this blog concerns Coveo’s benefits. While the benefits of being a Coveo employee are communicated from your first week at Coveo, their multiplication makes it challenging to keep track… lucky for you, I’ve summed up a recap of the perks available in this article!

Of course, well-being does not reside solely in the workplace and in order to ensure employees’ physical and mental well-being, Coveo offers a wide-range of perks that are beneficial to your personal life. Whether it be demonstrated through health benefits, insurance plans, social opportunities or financial perks, it’s obvious employees truly lie at the heart of the company’s priorities. 

Professional Evolution And In-Office Perks 

Before your first day as a Coveo employee, you’ll have received all the necessary material you need to work comfortably whether you chose to work remotely or from the office including your: computer, monitor(s), mouse, keyboard and headset. In fact, there is no need to worry about buying anything! 

If you prefer to work in the office, but dread the traffic or the gas prices on the rise, you are in luck! Coveo covers up to $100 per month in public or active transportation fees. In Montreal, this covers a monthly metro pass or BIXI pass and in Quebec city, this covers “L’abonne Bus Travailleur.” It can also be used to reduce the cost of an EXO/RTL/STL program. Thus, enabling you to save on gas money and do your part for the environment by opting for public or active transportation… truly a hack like no other!

Moreover, Coveo ensures that you feel fulfilled in your professional evolution by offering the possibility of an off-work paid education if relevant to your position on top of payments to your professional corporation and associations linked to your work.

Personal Well-Being Perks 

As a Canadian employee, you will have access to free telemedicine and the employee assistance program app Dialogue, ensuring that you have access to rapid and efficient medical assistance or appointments if needed! 

In addition, Coveo offers a three tier insurance plan, including the possibility of a premium option that covers 90% of your paramedic expenses for treatments such as massotherapy, osteopathy, kinesiology, etc. 

As individuals, we stimulate creativity and release stress in different ways, notably through sports. Thus, Coveo offers annual allocations that can be used for any sport-related item or subscription. Several training sessions are offered at our indoor Quebec office gym, giving employees the possibility to try new sports and move at lunch or after work. 

In the case where you prefer gym training, we also have a gym enterprise deal with Nautilus Plus, located near the Quebec office! The door is also wide open to request corporate sponsorship for sport, arts or cultural activities. 

In an attempt to encourage employees to get involved in their community, Coveo offers two days of volunteering paid time-off that can be dedicated to the cause of their choice. Plus, the company matches 1:1 of your donations to Centraide during our annual campaign. You’re not only encouraged to do good, but you’re also getting paid to do so!

Moreover, Coveo values in-person team meetings and will, when possible, pay for lunches, travel and lodging, so you can meet your team now and then, even if your coworkers are located all the way across Canada! 

Plus, virtual or in-person activities organized by our social club have created many well-instored traditions here. One of them being our “Toto” Thursdays, where we gather at the lounge to share a good time with colleagues around some beer and impromptu snacks, a great occasion to enjoy our karaoke setup in Montreal!

Now that you are set up with your equipment and health services, let’s talk financial benefits. You will be entitled to a 2% matching RRSP contribution — which is literally free money! With the possibility to automate withholdings from your pay: they’ll invest while you digest.

Covid Perks That, At The Time Of This Article, Were Available:

To accommodate employees working from home because of the pandemic, Coveo offers a monthly allowance to cover internet fees. 

There is also a possibility to upgrade your home work environment whether it be to add a: desk, chair, headset, keyboard and webcam if needed! 

On top of sick days & family obligations days, Coveo offers some time for any Covid-19 related issues and will double down with a catering allowance policy for parents struggling with work and family balance.

Perks Applying To Parents!

Great news for parents! Your Dialogue subscription is also applicable to your family members, so you no longer have to go to the doctor when a little one is sick! Furthermore, another interesting perk is that parents can benefit from maternity and paternity leave supplement.

What’s great about all those perks is they come with a highly interesting job, where you get to work and learn from incredibly qualified colleagues, cutting-edge technological tools on projects that are stimulating to say the least!