Customer service organizations are constantly looking at ways to improve service delivery and increase customer satisfaction while keeping costs down. A recent survey of more than 1,900 global customer support leaders found that “top [customer service] teams are embracing technology to get the job done right and create a culture of customer success.”

Intelligent search is a technology that can help. It unifies content from all your systems and repositories so your customers can access all the information they need from one place. As it understands the user’s context based on their activity on your site, and knows what’s the best content based on what others have found useful, it is able to automatically recommend the most relevant information to the user even without them performing a search query.

Here are three common challenges that customer support leaders are overcoming with intelligent search technology.

Challenge 1: Your business is growing faster than your support team can keep up

When companies expand into new markets or develop new product lines to grow, it can be challenging for customer support organizations to quickly hire and on-board new support agents and train current employees to meet this demand. 

Solution: Use intelligent search to help your agents learn as they work.

Examples: To support its expansion into emerging markets, the medical device and diagnostics division of a Fortune 50 Healthcare Company uses intelligent search to help new customer support agents learn and get up to speed quickly. With intelligent search, the company was able to reduce the time spent training new staff from two years to two months.  

Ribbon Communications’ (formerly Sonus Networks) customer support teams were facing 30% monthly growth in call and ticket volume as the company widened its product offerings and customer base. Ribbon Communications uses intelligent search to deliver on-demand knowledge to its customer support analysts to help them resolve cases quickly and increase customer satisfaction.

Just like Apple’s Siri, intelligent search works like a digital assistant to each support agent and helps them find the best case-resolving content every time.

Challenge 2: You’re implementing knowledge-centered support (KCS) and want to make it successful

“Integrat(ing) the creation and maintenance of knowledge into the problem solving process” is one of the basic concepts of KCS and you need to provide customer support agents with the right tools so they can do that easily.

Solution: Use intelligent search to recommend the best information to your support agents and allow them to add useful articles to your knowledge base as they work.

Example: Genesys, a leading provider of omnichannel customer experience and contact center solutions, uses Coveo for Salesforce – Service Cloud Edition (a KCS Aligned v5 product) to automatically surface relevant information within the agent’s flow of work. With a single click, Genesys’ support agents are able to create Salesforce knowledge base articles based on content surfaced by Coveo.

According to Greg Oxton, Executive Director of the Consortium for Service Innovation, “Coveo for Salesforce addresses two common challenges customer-focused organizations face in adopting KCS: integrating use of the knowledge base into the workflow and search analytics.”

Read this blog post to learn about the four ways intelligent search drives sustained KCS success.

Challenge 3: You want to deliver a better online self-service experience

Customers prefer online self-service. And they expect to find the answers they need, fast. But, to do so, you need to make all relevant information – across your website, online communities, and other information systems – available to your customer, wherever they are on your site.

Solution: Provide a global search box on your self-service communities to help your customers find everything they need in one place. Use intelligent search’s self-learning capability to automatically analyze what community members have found helpful and optimize the search experience.  

Examples: Denver 311, a link for non-emergency services and communications between citizens and the City and County of Denver, uses Coveo for Salesforce to unify information from all of Denver’s service agencies to provide the best answer to every citizen, every time.

VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, uses Coveo Intelligent Search on its partner portal, which serves its 75,000 partners, to overcome several common self-service challenges with amazing results.

What’s your top customer service priority? Speak with an intelligent search expert to learn how intelligent search can help you achieve your customer service goals.

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