Who’s ready for summer school?

Coveo CMO, Mark Floisand, and Sitecore Product Manager and 2017 Tech MVP, Simon Langevin, will present at five different Sitecore Global Virtual Summit Sessions this summer. Their presentations will touch on key themes for the summit, including interactive brand experiences, contextual intelligence, analytics and optimization.

This year’s Sitecore Global Virtual Summit brings together leading Sitecore experts, analysts, and visionary global marketers to share their expertise and insights with the community. The summit promises to deliver high-level strategies and tactical next-step thinking to inspire your next evolution through the use of contextual intelligence, personalization, and rich analytics that will help you measure the success of your efforts.

Want to know where you can find us? Click the links below for tour details…and don’t forget to register at the links provided. Don’t worry if you won’t be available on the specific day of the webinar – all of the recordings will be emailed out to everyone who registers.


Sitecore Global Virtual Summit Session Details:

Creating a Data-Driven Content Strategy with Search Usage Analytics, hosted by Mark Floisand

August 10th, 3pm GMT / 11 am EDT / 8am PDT

Content is king; how often have we, as marketers, heard this expression? And to ensure fresh, engaging and relevant content, we spend countless hours trying to guess what content our customers want to see, building it, and then trying to examine downstream activities to get a hint of whether or not we got it right.

Sound familiar? But what if there was a better way? What if we could let our customers and prospects tell us what content they find most useful, and then automatically serve it up to them? And more importantly, what if we could analyze their journeys on our websites to understand exactly what content they’re looking for but can’t find, so that we can focus our collective marketing energy on creating exactly what they want. On top of it all, we can measure how valuable or successful our content is.

Join us to learn more about how Coveo’s machine learning and usage analytics can make your Sitecore powered website even more responsive by helping you serve up relevant content every time.

on-demand webinar
Creating a data-driven content strategy with search usage analytics


Creating Contextually Relevant and Predictive Digital Experiences, hosted by Mark Floisand

September 6th, 3pm GMT / 11 am EDT / 8am PDT

Only relevant encounters will drive your business. Discover how to create the most effective digital experience for your website visitors, by empowering them with relevant and exceptional interactions at every digital touchpoint.

It is possible to deliver this relevance at scale with a Sitecore website – and we’ll show you how. The Coveo Relevance Maturity Model™ is your tool to identify what level of relevance maturity you are at today, where you could be, and what you need to do to get there.

In this session, Coveo CMO Mark Floisand will share how to use the CRMM to evaluate your business and understand the outcomes of delivering relevance at scale. Learn how to use the model to craft a vision for your organization and strategize to engage your customers with predictive, contextual information that meets their wants and needs.

on-demand webinar
Creating contextually relevant and predictive digital experiences


Best Practices for Contextual Relevance at Scale with AI-Powered Search, hosted by Mark Floisand

September 7th, 3pm GMT / 11 am EDT / 8am PDT

Delivering relevant, personalized content at the exact right time is the goal of every marketer. In fact, 74 percent of website visitors expect personalized content when they come to your site.

The difficulty comes with scaling this effort as your visitor base and audience grows.  Manually adjusting the relevance and personalization of the website becomes a massive resource and time investment.

There is a way to deliver personalization – that scales. AI-powered search apps with native Sitecore integration use machine learning to deliver contextual relevance “out of the box” and automate the tuning analysis of your website search. The result: Marketing leaders are able to create Sitecore websites that automatically combine assets, product offers and content – completely personalized for each visitor’s unique activity, profile and intent.

In this session you’ll learn how you can deliver the most contextually relevant results to your visitors who use search as their primary navigation on your Sitecore website. Coveo Chief Marketing Officer Mark Floisand will provide best practices for developing contextually relevant brand experiences on your website, while delighting your customers and increasing your conversion rate.

on-demand webinar
Best practices for contextual relevance at scale with AI-powered search


Optimization at Scale: Leveraging AI to Improve Digital Experiences, hosted by Simon Langevin

August 30th, 5pm CEST | 3pm GMT | 11am EDT | 8am PDT

Conventional marketing wisdom dictates that we must test, refine and retest our messages and offers continuously to ensure that they resonate and that our tactics convert to leads or sales. And those that perform well, we repeat and refine, and those that don’t we retire or rework. It’s the key to successful marketing, and it’s a tedious and resource intensive process. Or is it?

Today’s leading marketers are harnessing the power of technology, and specifically, AI and machine learning, to automate testing and refinement of messages on their websites and digital properties. And they are scaling faster than ever before.

With the help of A/B testing capabilities, pipelines and machine learning, AI-powered search can gather insight from every single visit and interaction, analyze several micro-points of data, assess what content, messages and assets perform best for different users, and then automatically boost them for similar audiences. And it doesn’t take a huge team of marketing interns and analysts to do it, nor does it takes months of sifting through spreadsheets.

In this session we’ll explore how your marketing organization can leapfrog the competition by leveraging machine learning to deliver testing and optimization at scale to ensure your website produces the results you need.

on-demand webinar
Optimisation at Scale: leveraging AI to improve digital experiences


Extending Your xDB Personalization with Site Search, hosted by Simon Langevin

August 17th, 5pm CEST | 3pm GMT | 11am EDT | 8am PDT

Site search is the core of personalization. Every search query represents your website visitors telling you the personalized and relevant experience they need.  In fact, site visitors who search spend 48% more time-on-site than those who don’t, and are 5x more likely to convert.

Simon Langevin, 2017 Tech MVP, will share how to extend the Sitecore xDB into your search results and allow you to create contextually relevant and predictive experiences within Sitecore – automatically.

AI-powered search leverages powerful machine learning to learn from your usage data what content leads to successful outcomes for your website visitors to automatically create personalized and relevant experiences for your visitors. Learn how AI-powered and self-learning search within Sitecore will deliver the personalized and relevant experiences your customers expect.

on-demand webinar
Extending your xDB personalisation with site search


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