“I think machine learning’s the big game changer for support and the experiences that people have” – Nigel Piper

When Nigel Piper, Executive General Manager, first joined Xero, the company only had 100,000 subscribers. In over ten years that number has risen to over 1.4 million subscribers. Xero was challenged with scaling their customer support efforts to millions of customers globally, all the while meeting the growing demands of customers. Personalization at scale wasn’t a nice to have, it was a must have. They needed to make relevant information accessible to those who needed it most: its customers and employees. It’s no small task to help support users find what they need before they even need it. The only solution to scale at the speed and accuracy it needed was machine learning and AI; which led the company to Coveo.

Xero’s Road to Relevance

Xero’s journey with Coveo began in 2017 with its implementation of Coveo for Salesforce, to improve the digital experience for its customer support agents. They chose Coveo for a variety of reasons:

  1. Salesforce Native Search was no longer cutting it, as they had reached the limits of its capabilities.
  2. With multiple support platforms, Xero needed a way to unify all its existing company knowledge and serve it to their agents, on their help site, and within their apps, the moment it was needed.
  3. With Coveo, Xero has the ability to easily customize the solution to its specific needs.
  4. In-depth reporting and analytics make it easy to measure the success of its efforts and track ROI.
  5. Integral to its brand promise, Xero needed its support experience to be personalized and Coveo leverages usage analytics, AI and machine learning to make that possible.  

Upon seeing the results after implementing Coveo for Salesforce for their support agents, Xero was keen to power relevant experiences across its support organization. With the launch of Xero Central in May 2018, a newly centralized support hub, Xero has completely overhauled its support website into a single, easy-to-use, machine learning powered portal.

“It [Xero Central] has been designed from the ground up to learn which questions are commonly asked, and to start proactively suggesting answers. Just start typing your question, and you’ll see search suggestions and popular answers appearing below.”

Xero’s implementation, and innovation with Coveo, lead them to win the 2018 Coveo Impact Innovators Award! To learn more about how Xero has improved its customer experience and employee experience alike, and how your organization can too, watch our on-demand webinar with Xero.

On Demand Webinar
How Xero Improves the Customer Experience by Increasing Agent Proficiency