website searach online retailWe’re back with Amanda Shiga from Nonlinear Creations to hear how the company helped a Canadian retail website implement great search using the power of Coveo for Sitecore. Read on to learn more about the organization’s website challenges prior to using Coveo, and how it is now better able to deliver more engaging search and website experiences to its visitors.

Q.: In 2013, Nonlinear implemented Coveo for Sitecore for a retail website in Canada. Describe the website’s search capabilities before implementing Coveo. What was it looking to achieve?

A.: Prior to the Coveo implementation, the website search was facing performance challenges and was not optimized to enable visitors to quickly locate desired products, promotions, and events. The organization was looking for a more sophisticated search experience, including:

  • Enhanced product information and metadata for improved search accuracy and relevancy
  • Effective faceted search refinements
  • Ability to showcase products and highlight promotions effectively
  • Site-wide information search across all web content and documents
  • Usability enhancements (ex.: auto-completion, “Did You Mean,” and spelling corrections)

Q.: How was Nonlinear able to help?

A.: Our top priority was to align the right search solution to the organization’s vision for the online retail experience. During a stakeholder workshop, we explored the value of search and the organization’s goals for its retail channels. Digging deeper, we evaluated common search behaviors and UI patterns, and defined search objectives for the website.

With this insight, we then supported the organization in evaluating the top four search platform options we saw as a best fit for their needs, with Coveo as our top recommendation. The website was already built on Sitecore CMS with a well-architected product catalog data model; based on a number of factors including the Sitecore integration, commercial-level support, roadmap, implementation cost, and out-of-the-box feature set, this organization chose Coveo for Sitecore as its search platform.

In collaboration with the client team, we then completed the user experience design and implementation for the new online search experience. It was a very successful launch and the client was thrilled.

Q.: How has search-related activity changed since implementing Coveo for Sitecore?

A.: The organization is now able to provide its online visitors with a high-performing, responsive search experience. Notable improvement in search results loading time and a marked enhancement in navigating search results were among the first observations made by users.

The top search goal was to increase the likelihood of a successful search by reducing the incidents of search abandonment, reducing “pogosticking” between results, and reducing the incidence of null result sets. Now, the organization can continue search optimization in a regular rhythm with the insights provided by its web analytics and Coveo search analytics.

Thanks for talking with us, Amanda! To learn more about the how search can power website success, get more information about Coveo for Sitecore here.

Amanda Shiga - nonlinearAmanda Shiga is Vice President, nonlinear digital and has been part of the nonlinear team since 2006. She brings more than 14 years’ experience in designing and building effective content management and web-based solutions within a variety of industries. Amanda leads the nonlinear digital team in delivering digital marketing solutions and contributes significantly to business development and thought leadership. She is designated as a Sitecore MVP and holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and M.A.Sc. in Technology Innovation Management.


Twitter: @amandashiga