Knowledge Management will never be the same.

We’re at the start of a sea change in how employees find the information they need to do their work. Not surprisingly, the sea change begins with a combination of solutions known for leadership and innovation: Salesforce and Coveo. Together, we are turning knowledge management—and enterprise search—upside down.

Placing customers first, Coveo in September introduced the beta version of our application that pushes relevant knowledge directly into the Salesforce Case Console, into the context of the agent. We started here because we know that companies need and want to improve the customer experience. We know that agents struggle mightily to find the combination of information that will help them solve challenges for their customers faster and better. And we know the problem is only getting worse, in an age of big, unstructured and structured data, and with the continued proliferation of point systems and fragmented content sources.

So we put our enterprise-grade, Unified Indexing technology to the test. Could we push the information that would help agents help their customers faster and with more accuracy, regardless of where it resides? Could we provide a next generation federated search experience to even the most junior customer service agent? Could we make it fast and simple to configure and activate, in the cloud? Could we improve the capacity of a contact center by 10 or even 20 percent overnight by injecting better knowledge?

When we launched Coveo for Salesforce Beta version in September, we heard from many of our friends in the analyst and influencer community that it was going to be a game-changer. Our Beta Program participants proved the theory:

Users simply find what they didn’t even know they were looking for. We need the right information at the right time to ensure our customers’ greatest success, and Coveo helps us to do that, right in Salesforce.” – Gerard Snippe, Rembrandt, a division of Rabobank (case study)

Today, we’re making this game-changing application one that turns knowledge management and enterprise search upside down, available to every company that uses Salesforce, with our listing of Coveo for Salesforce on the AppExchange. Starting today, Salesforce admins can, with a free trial, help their users stop searching, and start finding. Coveo for Salesforce, Service Cloud Edition is Generally Available on the AppExchange.

Coveo AppExchange

How will this turn transform your customer service and support initiatives?