Coveo is a powerful tool, and we are honored that so many of our customers choose us to inject Coveo Machine Learning and relevance across their digital properties. But with great power, comes great complexity! Tracking consumption across relevance-powered interfaces has previously been a complicated task for our customers, but it’s a problem we have committed to solve.

We worked hard to put together our Consumption Dashboard; a new feature that provides visibility into how your license entitlements are allocated and calculated. The Consumption Dashboard displays your API usage across hub and entitlements, so you have full visibility into where Coveo resources are offering your business the most value.

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Tracking your QPM, Users, Persistent Queries and Recommendations

The new Consumption Dashboard empowers you with visibility into query usage across Query Per Month (QPM), User (Agent, Intranet, Partner), Persistent Queries and Recommendation Entitlements, as well as the flexibility to configure the appropriate interface and license assignments. 

consumption dashboard

Selecting the Correct Entitlement: QPM vs. User

Above, is the Consumption Dashboard where an Agent Insight Panel is assigned an Agent entitlement. The Service Community and Commerce Search are assigned the QPM entitlement and the employee intranet portal is assigned the Intranet entitlement. These interfaces, or search hubs, are powered by the same search API call, and they are manually assigned their different licenses. The entitlement dropdown menu allows you to assign the correct license to your search hub, providing you instant visibility into your Query and User consumption.

Recommendations and Persistent Queries

Calls made to our recommendations and persistent queries differ in their API endpoint, so manual intervention is not necessary. Enjoy full visibility into the consumption of your personalized recommendation widgets and your content widgets powered by persistent queries.

Download the Query Logs

A high level view of API usage sometimes isn’t enough! Dig deeper and find out what’s happening with our Download Query Log feature, allowing you to isolate individual queries and patterns in your consumption.

We think this feature simplifies the process of understanding query usage and enables you to better measure Coveo’s impact on your business. To learn more, enroll in our Coveo Consumption Dashboard course today.